Pandemic tip - What if you only have 24 hours to Prep?

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    Share this with non-prepping friends and family in case this Flu gets dicey. Found at

    The thread has a lot of responses with other suggestions as well. I have closed the door on my ark until we learn the full extent of this possible mess. I've also started the family on one of our sets of Tamiflu. Stay safe and pray this fizzles out shortly. The only way to outrun a pandemic is to act early; if you are bleeding egde in your predictions, you will have a lot of false starts but I suppose that's the name of this game we call survival.

    melbo out

    OK, as crazy as it sounds... we have talked about the people who will be in this boat. While it is true that one cannot possibly prep all they will need in one day, some people might end up in this situation.

    What would we tell someone who only has a day (or two) to prep? It would depend, of course, on how many people they have to prep for, but we can make a list per individual.

    I would suggest:

    masks and gloves (because clearly you would need to leave house again to get more things you need)
    disinfectant hand sanitizer (more than 60% alcohol)
    as many bags rice as you can get/carry on one trip
    as many jugs water as you can get/carry on one trip
    as many cans beans ... ...(as above)
    as many rolls toilet paper ... (as above)
    as many candles and matches... (as above)
    as many batteries (as above)
    take out half the cash in your bank acct, or your daily limit
    stock up tank of gas

    Other than that, what else should someone try to do in 24hrs? The rice and beans could tide them over until they have time to more accurately gauge the size of the emergency. They would still have some leftover food already in the house as well to use up.

    I suppose part of this might go back to the thread "what items will be most scarce" - the last-minute prepper should get some of those, possibly. Although, what will be scarce anyway may not necessarily be necessary.
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    God Bless you and family, Melbo. Do you remember my old signature line? The road South will stay open.
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    In Mexico, about 70 deaths out of roughly 1,000 cases represents a fatality rate of about 7 percent. The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918-19, which killed an estimated 40 million worldwide, had a fatality rate of about 2.5 percent.
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    More from Flu Wiki: This was written circa H5N1 preps.

    From Flu Wiki

    Consequences: 24 Hrs List
    What to Prep if you have 24 Hours

    ricewiki, Kate et al - from the Forums
    If You Only Have 24 Hours To Prepare for H5N1 Quarantine (please copy and circulate)

    Note to Fluwikians: Remember, this “If You Only Have 24 Hours” list is different from a “How Do I Start To Prep” list. Both are directed at people who haven’t started prepping yet, but the former is for dire straits once the pandemic becomes “official” or there is an otherwise obvious escalated emergency pandemic situation.

    The latter is simply for the calm before the storm, like right now, while we all still have (forseeable) time to prep.

    This list is for individuals who have failed to stockpile goods and supplies for the event of an avian flu pandemic. It assumes that there has been some official or obvious sign given that a state of pandemic has been reached and that the best hope for protection will be self-quarantine. It has been said that a virus at this stage will be able to pass to any point on the globe within 18 hours. YOU NEED TO STOCK UP NOW.

    NB: If you are buying last-minute food, water and supplies when a human-to-human pandemic has been announced as spreading, please sit down for 5 minutes and make a plan of action. It is not a good idea to grab everything you can - BE STRATEGIC. You will not be able to get everything you need for a 3-month quarantine in one shopping trip! This list is based upon what you should attempt to accomplish in the ultimately unfortunate of “last-minute” trips – when everyone else will be “panic shopping” beside you. Focus your energy on grabbing foods that provide the most nutrition.


    Pull the children out of school immediately and start the family plan into action.
    Cell phones may come in handy - communication would be handy as you pick everything up around the stores and around town.
    If you own multiple cars, have a family member drive each car (single-file, caravan style) to the same store.
    Each of you take a cart and a portion of this list. Meet back at the checkout and load all of the cars.
    NB: If the store has run out of an item you need, MOVE ON. IT WILL NOT BE THE END OF THE WORLD.
    Do not waste time in this situation. Go to another store until you get it.

    NB2: You will need cash! Some stores may no longer accept credit or debit in this situation.
    In others, the lines may be down. Don’t risk your survival because you do not have adequate cash on hand.
    And be prepared to spend considerably more than you would at any other grocery store run.

    In Loose Order Of Importance:
    From home: call to renew your prescriptions for pick-up. Call doctor to arrange for more.
    Extract 60–75% cash from your bank account (save some for online bill payments; you may also
    need to make arrangements re: investments, but this may need to be done later at this point.
    Right now you need to get supplies.) or the full amount your daily limit will allow.

    From the local drugstore/healthcentre/pharmacy:
    N95 masks (NIOSH-rated Medical Particulate Masks) and Disposable gloves
    (latex, vinyl or the best yet is Nitrile): (you will need these in the event
    you leave the house again to pick up a forgotten or needed item)
    your prescription refills
    vitamins: C and multivitamins
    tylenol/acetominaphen, aspirin/ ibuprofen (many uses); 3 bottles each
    any other over-the-counter meds you know you need (customize here)
    8 packages of 12-rolls toilet paper
    5 boxes kleenex
    batteries: know the kind you will need. AA’s – buy at least 10 packages.
    candles and/or tealights – buy whatever is left; at least 50
    matches and lighters: buy 2 boxes matches; 10 lighters
    tampons if needed: year’s worth if you can: 20 boxes of 40’s; OR, 1 “keeper”
    shampoo and conditioner

    From the local grocery store:
    as many bags rice you can afford (remember, you need to be able to buy some of everything on this list)
    20 cans beans (90 would be needed for 3 mos)
    20 cans tuna/chicken/fish
    10 cans vegetables
    30–60 jugs water (and you are going to need to come back for more!)
    20 bags pasta
    10 jars pasta sauce
    2 big bags potatoes (high in energy; keep long time)
    20 cans tomato paste (make your own pasta sauce)
    energy bars; protein drinks;
    bag/boxes of mixed nuts
    bags of dried oatmeal
    bags dried beans
    5 large bottles vegetable oil (sunflower, safflower and olive are healthiest)
    box sugar (biggest you can find)
    box salt (biggest you can find)
    bottles Gatorade (orally rehydrates) or vitaminized water
    pet food and/or baby supplies if needed
    extra manual can-opener (yours might break!)
    extra scissors (might lose yours!)
    5 jars peanut butter
    3 loaves bread
    10 bars/tubs butter
    10 bricks cheese
    frozen meat
    soups that don’t need added water
    garbage bags
    Go to local hardware/supplies store and buy:
    propane cooking stove
    flashlights (3)
    water purification tablets
    battery-operated radio
    On way home: stock up on tank of gas, extra gas. Fill any portable gas
    containers you may have or can buy at the gas station.
    Less Essential Items to pick up if

    you have Time, Money and they are Available:
    coffee, teas
    3 jars jam
    boxes macaroni and cheese
    bag onions
    boxes powdered milk
    box crackers, bag cookies
    other fresh fruit and veggies
    other vitamins if you know you need them: Omega-3, antioxidants, meds for diarrhea
    key spices you use: garlic, mixed spice shakers, bouillon, cinnamon, turmeric, curry, ginger
    q-tips, rubbing alcohol, a ready-made first-aid kit
    shaving cream and razors
    Paper plates, plastic forks, knives, spoons
    paper towels
    laundry soap
    Really Less Essential (for urban survival)

    Items To Wait For Another Trip To Pick Up
    and then Only If You Really Need Them:

    candy, alcohol, tobacco (could be used for trade; but you should quit smoking at this point)
    tools; rope; tape;
    cleaning supplies (bleach; disinfectant hand sanitizer with more than 60% alcohol; liquid dish detergent; big jug white vinegar)
    Condiments - mayo, ketchup, BBQ Sauce, Salsa, creamers (presumably you will already have some of these anyway)
    Lotion and all other more luxurious personal care items
    entertainment items like books (you will already have some of these anyway)

    For All Other Essential Survival Items
    You Will Need A Second Trip (at your own risk)

    please consult standard avian flu preparedeness guides on FluWiki
    Retrieved from
    Page last modified on September 20, 2006, at 09:31 AM
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    Melbo - thanks for re-posting the preps post.
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    At this point, I plan on avoiding all trips to the store and having been prepping for some time, it will be easier for a lot of us that have done so.
    I can just go to my storage locker and get anyhting but a doctor, or dentist!
    But, I agree wholeheartedly, it is important for many people to get their homes prepared for the "just-in-case" scenarios, NOW.
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    I'm good, I picked up 10 more N95 respirators today. All I need is some Diet Coke to cut my Jack with..........maybe a few more cigars, humidor is about 3/4 full.
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