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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by rsbhunter, Feb 14, 2012.

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    Yeah, i know, big deal you're all saying.......but it is a big deal to me...the starting of fullfilling a dream many years in the works.....haven't even unpacked from the pallet yet, but the packaging was in excellent shape...was almost afraid to look, as i have seen freight look like like it was put through a shredder...Anyway, will let you guy's know how they are, and will test when i get up, FM80, then an inverter!!!Thanks for all the help from all, rsbhunter
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    Congrates on Finally Getting Them!!! I know for awhile there from your posts, it seemed as if it would have been easier for you to make them yourself rather than make your way thru the tangled web of trying to buy them!!
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    Yes, it was close to meltdown for a while. I was getting no returned phone calls, no E-Mails, nothing!!! Finally got through to the right guy (owner, i think) and within a single day, my order was pulled and shipped!!!! Anyways, now that the happy ending happened, i will mention the companies name, Solar Systems U.S.A. Inc. I actually will do buisness with them again, as long as i talk with Nathan......anyway heres a pic, i REALLY love the MC-4 connectors on the back,basically plug and play...rsbhunter
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    Late in the game. Cost per panel, out put, how many to produce how much, etc. Been "chompin at the bits" to do likewise. Thanks and congrats on getting started.
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    Canadian Solar CSP-6-235's 36 VOC, 235 watts, i don't know what the current cost per watt is, couple different places have them...BUT, MAKE sure they send you an e-mail stating that they have them....rsbhunter
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    How much did that run you per panel. I was looking into some this afternoon that were 160 Watt and costing $1000 a pop.
  7. BTPost

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    If someone is selling you 160 Watt Panels at $1000US per.... They are looking to take you for a ride and ROB You ....... That is $6.00+US per watt.... NASA doesn't even spend that much...... .....
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  8. TnAndy

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    $6.25/w ??

    Like Bruce said....even NASA doesn't pay that anymore.

    Go Here: Solar Panels - Best Prices
  9. TnAndy

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    Well, in all honesty, I DO have to wonder why you're all wound up on getting stuff for a cabin you don't even have built yet.

    Do you not think maybe you're getting the cart a little bit out in front of the horse ?
  10. BTPost

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    Maybe He is building the PowerHouse/ToolShed First.... and plans to live and work out of that, while he builds the Main Place..... Just Think'en....
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  12. rsbhunter

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    panels first

    BTPost has it right, i will build a shed/cabin that will keep tools, supplies and me while i can build the main "cabin"....besides, if something ever went wrong, and the economy tanks, or grids go down, etc....i figure that i can build a shelter from axe and sweat, i can provide food , i can't make power...without these.....i look at them as a "well, there paid for, i have them, it's better than a new wardrobe"...And yes the prices MIGHT go down....and gas might go to $4.00 PLUS a gal this summer.....that makes everything go up.....If i can assemble all the need parts to any project, i'm 100% ahead of the game, instead of saying, i wish i had the money for this last part i need!!!...(past experiences).....
  13. TnAndy

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    Well, I can kinda understand that.....I have a WHOLE lot of stuff around I've never used, but might come in real handy someday, and be impossible to get then.

    But be aware the clock starts ticking on some of those components the day you take the warranty on charge controllers and inverters.....if the company really want's to push it with a sales receipt.....and batteries start to degrade the day you fill them, less of course if you don't cycle them and keep on a trickle charger, but still, the game clock runs.

    And, as I've pointed out before, my whole experience in buying this stuff over the last 5 years is every year, it gets cheaper.

    Also, electric power is a wonderfully handy thing.....but it was near THE very bottom of my prep list....way behind water, food, the ability to continue to produce food, shelter, fuels, etc. Solar power is sexy.....chickens and garden hoes, ( and ya'll get ya'll's minds OUTA the gutter there, ahahahaha) not so much.....

    Don't get me motto is "a few hundred kw/hrs is the difference in living 20th century style, and all those previous ones".....but folks CAN (and did) live in the 19th century w/o electric power......but they couldn't live w/o those other items.
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    RsbHunter. As for a quick storage building, why not just buy one of the metal ones and you have the building up faster then a speeding bullet. That would give you a place to store tools etc and yourself if needed.
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    That is an option, but as the land is 300 miles where i'm at for now, whatever i put there has to be fairly sucks that the world is that way, but, there's always someone looking to profit from your blood , sweat and tears.....That's why the panels and big $$$ stuff won't go till i'm going to be "there"..."There" might be 30-40 miles from my land, and i might be living and working in that town, but it will be a short trip compared to what i'm looking at right now.....rsbhunter
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    You're right, there are alot of "supplies" that are MUCH more important than solar power.......but remember, this has been a dream for approx. 35 years....and the planning started long ago....i have things put back, like alot of us, with the sole intent of "when i make this happen"...I remember hearing stories about the depression......and being able to live through something close to that has always been in the back of my planning, and learning skills that have been discarded by most "modern" people has become a way odf life....rsbhunter
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    Here is a thought for you. You could bring all those panels sitting around over to me, and I could put them up on my roof to "test" them out for you so to speak. LOL One thing for sure , I would keep them safe for you, just in case you ever make it up there........
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    TNAndy,I know you all have figured out that I'm crazy,buying the panels before having the cabin built. But,this will actually make it easier to situate the array for optimum exposure, figuring Terrain,tree removal, height of mount,etc. The cabin pad can be cut in next to the array in order to keep cable lengths as short as least it sounds feasible.....but I have been wrong once or twice before (LOL)........rsbhunter<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

    Read more:
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    Sounds like the guy paid way too much. I bought my solar pannels... 100 watt for 300.00 each. West Marine had the same pannels for 600.00. My emergency set up is one 100 watt solar pannel connected to a controler and 2 --56 AMP, AGM batteries, 1000 watt inverter... Runs everything I need. It runs a 6.0 AMP hour reffer and any other electrical devises.
  20. Nadja

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    I believe rsbhunter paid $395.00 per 235 watt panel. sounds like you paid too much actually ! And as far as running your 6 amp power guzzling refer, it is way to much. You can go to home depot and buy a nice size refer/freezer for about $425.00 like mine that only runs on 1.1 amps .
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