Papaya Leaves and Seeds for Parasite Removal and Other Medicinal Uses

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    Gopherman Sometimes I Wish I Could Go Back to Sleep

    During my journey that has led me to where I now Find Myself on the road to awarenes after a long Sleep!
    I have found a few things out along the way (actually, more than a Few! LOL).
    One of them is the Papaya Plant.
    I bought a large South American Fruit at the store and removed the seeds from the fruit and then removed the little pulp sacks from around the seeds using a strainer and running water, rubbing them against the screen.
    I germinated them in a wet paper towel in a Zip Lock plastic bag for 2 days then put them in soil, 3 seeds to a pot, and lightly watered them every day.
    I now have around 200 plants ranging from 6" tall up to 3'.
    If you take the time to read the articles listed below, you will see why.
    They can be raised easily in large pots and produce fruit usually within 10 months from the time they sprout.
    They must be moved to a warm location above Approx. 45-50* for the winter.
    Enjoy the Articles and I hope you find them useful!

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    Papaya Leaf | Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
    What Does Reduced Platelet Count Mean? | Papaya Leaves – A Cure For Low Platelet Count? |My Wellness
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    Gopherman Sometimes I Wish I Could Go Back to Sleep

    I took 2 tbls of the seeds with a good chunk of papaya and put it in the blender until it puree'd the seeds and then I ate it. I did not have anything to eat for at least an hour afterwards.
    Tasted pretty awful, well actually it tasted very awful! My wife ate some too and agree's with me! Tastes like eating Garlic mixed with peppercorn, would probably make an excellent cooking spice!
    However, I saw results the very next day, as well did my wife. you are supposed to, as recommended, do this seven days in a row, but immediate results are obvious from my experience.
    I am going to do this for the next week. 1 large papaya per person will yield the required amount of seeds for the treatment.
    Of course as with anything check it out for yourself before doing this!
    If you are on Med's check with your doctor first.
    Papaya extract is used in medicines already, therefore it is Pharmaceutical in Nature and may have adverse interactions when taken with other Med's.
    I can only share with you my experience, but if you have any digestive issues of Irritable bowel Syndrome, lack of stomach acids, anything that involves your Plumbing basically, as well as parasitic control.
    I will post again after I have done this for 7 days.
    I think taking it like a shot, then chasing it with something sweet will make it more palatable!
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    Gopherman Sometimes I Wish I Could Go Back to Sleep

    I have been growing Papaya trees since June from seeds, 90% germination rate (though not all at once) they will germinate, and just as you think you got them all up 20 more will pop up their heads. Had 250 at one time. Poisoned a bunch with hot fertilizer 25 still going. 1 of them is over 8 feet tall and the rest are 5-6' Germinating another 40 right now. They produce fruit at 10 months, so I should have fresh papaya around April or May!
    The leaves are ground up fine and make a very strong tea from the leaves and cook it down. My wife had a red blood cell issue and she's been taking 2 shots a day, it is proven in clinical trial to dramatically increase the RBC count as well as the Platelet Count. It has been approved for Anemia and is used for Dengue Fever, as well as Malaria and many other things. The fruit is very good for you, even when its green, though it tastes better fully ripe when it turns yellow!
    It is recommended to take dosages of the tea for 21 days but improvement begins after 7. Same disclaimer about seeking out medical advice and knowledge on your own before you take anything!
    I will let you know if it has helped my wife's RBC and Platelet count when she has her next visit in a couple of weeks.
    These trees are very Fast growing, but need to be protected from the cold, a greenhouse will probably not suffice if it gets below 40*F.
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