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    One sheriff out of how many bad acts Tobit? Did you miss the cop who executed a cuffed suspect and was freed? And the sheriff you cite is still in appeal I beleive. Alb cops were fine as long as Kari Brandenberg didn't charge them, but when they shot that homeless man she finally had no choice. There is nothing else to the story. I was minding my own business using the wifi and the cop came in, looked around, probably waiting on his free meal, and spotted me. He asked why I was wearing it I said it's just a bracelet and you might try wal-mart if you're interested in one. Then he started in on me. To be brutally honest I don't care if you believe me or not. It happened, it's on surveillence video there and at the business where he stopped me in front of later, and the video can be subpeoned by the Governors office. Now I realize Im new and you're established here, but I'm not going to lower myself to your level and fight. It's poiintless. I came here to learn new wilderness survival techniques not to fight or join in a bunch of end of the world enthusiasts. So I wish you a nice day and ask that you not annoy me in the future. Thanks.

    Well, I've obviously upset people here. I never intended this and would rather leave than cause a problem in a set community. This forum is far less survival oriented and more everything else than I had hoped. I do apologize and wish everyone here the very best.
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    I personally know a lot of law enforcement in New Mexico, including my own nephew...and the vast majority of them are good folks who take their jobs and their responsibilities to their communities seriously. But there has been a disturbing trend that started when I was still living there. It seemed to start with the State Police then became more prevalent in the counties and cities...they started lowering their standards. A lot of the good cops started retiring or moving on, leaving all the poorly-trained, poorly-paid younger guys without their experience and mentoring.

    I can understand your frustration, but don't judge any group of people based on your own bad experiences with a few...there are still others who can assist you and help to weed out or provide attitude adjustments to the bad apples. If you want to let me know what city you live in, I may be able to give you some contacts to reach out to.
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    Live in the state for a while and you will understand. Diversity is great...cept when it isn't.
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    I'll admit I stole this guys "invention" long ago and have made them for many friends. Far more useful than a
    paracord bracelet, and much easier to make. I have these on key chains, knives, tackle boxes, zippers, and range bags.

    I also have paracord laces in all my boots.

    If paracord bracelets are such a bad thing in your area I'd be making a paracord sun hat with 12" paracord tassels three quarters of the way around the brim, and three BB's in the end of each strand just to keep them from blowing around in the wind.

    I have never heard anything so ridiculous as this. I live in a free State, and the roads here go both ways, meaning I am free to leave if I don't like the way things are run here. Perhaps it is time to move.
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