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    Watching the MSM and the comments on the latest from the Bundy thing out west, I can't help but think that the same comments that would have been considered paranoid a few years ago, are now considered naive. We are well into the Land of Oz and I don't think we are going back on the yellow brick road anymore. Watch out for wicked witches, Hillery anyone, men behind the curtain, Donald anyone, and flying monkeys. I guess we don't have a monopoly on that theme and they were scary the first time I saw them as a kid. Einstein said that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results was one way to define being crazy. Ruby Ridge, Waco. Wounded Knee, seems like sooner or later they would at least try some other technique to call attention to a real and growing problem of the growing power of the state .
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    Explain the comments please
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    @duane, yes, I agree. This is an illegal government that has sold our uranium and minerals to several investment groups. The information was coming out yesterday and they literally shut it down and killed Lavoy because he was a true patriot. I am so at a loss for words.
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    We live in a world in which there are no fixed institutions or moral constants. The Wizard of Oz movie was like Gullivers Travels an attempt to use fiction to reflect life. Gay rights,, same sex marriage, international relations, race relations, educational goals, retirement plans, health care availability, employment goals, cultural diversity, population composition, income distribution, religious unity, sources of information, and so one are no longer fixed and I for one have no idea who is supplying the goals they wish to achieve nor the resources they are using to reach those goal. The majority minority areas, Flint, Detroit. Fergussen, Los Angles, Philidelphia, Chicago, etc, would seem to indicate that throwing out "whitey" and establishing a new Africa or Mexico in the US may have some problems and I don't see how our "paying damages" for past actions will either create their new desired society nor create an economy that will support it.
    The retired FBI agent on the national news a few minutes ago said that the FBI was just doing it job and containing the problem to the single federal site and that the man who died was a typical example of suicide by cop and it wasn't the FBI's fault and that they would not be harmed if they surrendered. No mention of long prison terms, fines that transfer their lands to the government, or the fact that the wildlife area used to be several local ranches that had legal right to use the land. Black is the new white, evil is the new good, all youths have legal access to birth control and narcan in case of overdose in our public schools, the Bible is out and the koran is in. The danger is no longer flying monkeys, it is ISS or ISSL or whatever the flavor of the week is and we all have to give up our freedoms in the name of safety, while those that endanger us are exempted from the rules as it would be "profiling" or some other BS.
    Most of the scenes in the Wizard of Oz are used to reflect on the problems of a rural America, Kansas, trying to survive a depression and the loss of a way of life, farming, and the effects of technology on their lives. We could spend a hundred pages in this blog discussing the symbols in that book and still probably miss half of them.
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    No truer words,@duane. Fox news reported a new group that is worse than isis.. I turned off the ridiculous. We are isis.

    I know that we can survive this if they leave us alone. But, I fear that is not to happen.

    You are exactly right about the wizard of oz.

    I finally realized everything we had been told growing up is a lie.
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    The official line was on TV, FOX, no less, that they all face at least 5 years in prison for mopery with intent to gawk, or as it was stated "a conspiracy of two or more people with intent to impede a federal law officer". Did they do that yes, so they are guilty, and the legality of any government action that they were protesting can not be questioned as that has no "bearing" on what they are being charged with. By God, we can't let those red necks get uppity or we won't be able to run things as we wish. They must obey our laws, in our courts, in front of our judges, and accept our punishment as it our god given right. Take off your hat, step off the sidewalk, and bow when I pass, I am above the law and you are the new "darky". The local law enforcement did not seem all that happy with their federal partners and only stated that the Bundy's actions were not legal and that they should use the normal course of law to question the rules. We all see how well that works, the laws aren't in question, it is the administrative rules and the way they enforce the laws that are the question. That is decided in their courts, hearings, administrative reviews etc and you are going to lose.
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    Actually both Gulliver's Travels and Wizard of Oz were trying to tell people something, but they are entirely different stories. First Gulliver's Travels was written about 100 years before Oz was. Gilliver's Travel (not having looked it up lately so probably not correct) was an indictment of English rule and the Royals. All the different places/people/things meant some different flunky, ruler or rule. Oz (and this is correct) was to warn of what was happening to the US. The "yellow brick road" was the gold standard. Cowardly Lion (the sheeple that bend over to the crooks to get screwed, when the PEOPLE are the rulers and the gov't the servant. Yeah, how has THAT been working for you lately?), Scarecrow (strawman), tin man (can't remember), the "man behind the curtain" was/is the powers that run the US/world, Soros, Rockefellers, Rothchildes/CFR/etc./etc. The "giant talking head" (as per 3rd Rock from the Sun) was just the interchangeable figure head the slaves get to pick every four years. But... but.... but we get to VOTE on them! Yeah, if voting did a thing we would not be allowed to do it. Read the book VOTE SCAM. Look at any election above school board, rigged. And yes I actually do happen to know what I am talking about when it comes to rigged elections, been through enough of them.
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    Totally agree and in their own way, each is a long parable aimed at different times and different problems. People used to read and many stories were designed to teach different things to the various levels of the reader. What a change from Grand Theft Auto and all of the other mindless reaction games..
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    Tin man was industry.
    The Ruby Slippers were silver in the book.

    This was a setup and ambush with agent provocateurs. The feds were pissed about the first Bundy stand off and set this one up enticing them to come in. They completely controlled the media and were ready to kill everyone there. That is why they surrendered. They realized what was going on.
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    I cannot, for one second, think that no one considered a traffic stop as the best way to round up the leadership. Given that the meeting they were going to was publicaly known, the whole thing is obvious. Bundy and company are not stupid, they knew it as well. So who got surprised?

    And, now that the incident is going to a court for (something) there's no further need to occupy the HQ and Bundy did the right thing, telling the followers to go home. The part that aggravates me is the arrests at the checkpoints after the promises for unimpeded exiting the site. (Uv cuss, if there were outstanding warrants, that changes the story a bit.)
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    When you control the law, there will be outstanding warrants as all they need is a tame judge and a "belief" that a crime has been committed and conspiracy does not require an action, only an intent. Then they can tie you up for years using the legal system, once the charge has been made and the warrant served, the process begins, waiting for a grand jury and a trial, and their tame judge gets to set the bail and to set the conditions for the bail. Where you live, how much it is, cash or securities, conditions of forfeiture, who you talk to, etc. You aren't going to win that one. Any attempt to use you "constitutional" rights are even more limited as you are a "felon" awaiting trial and your free speech can be taken as "jury" tampering or impeding the actions of the court and if they decide your "actions" violate the conditions of the bail, you lose the right to be free and the bail. In many cases the judge can use the court to jail you, fine you, or limit your rights, as he deems it to be a contempt of court and you can not appeal or use the court system to question his actions. Bundy may have made a strong statement and spoke in public, but the coin has been tossed, heads he loses, tails they win, game, set , and over.
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    Of what I've read, they did state that those with outstanding warents would be stopped, but all others could leave. The five remaining are demanding that the one outstanding warent among them be revoked, before they will leave.
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    I wonder how many are "Felons in possession of FireArms".... folks.... This was a fiasco, from the Get-Go... Not well planned, or thought out.... Mostly these folks, "Shot themselves, in their own foot" by "Mouthing Off" and committing Illegal Acts, while filming themselves, and publishing that footage, in the Public Domain.... Just READ the Warrant Affidavit, that was unsealed, today...
    This is what happens when Farmers & Ranchers go up against Lawyers, schooled in the Federal Statutes.... They never had a chance, and about the BEST, they can get NOW, is a Jury of THEIR Peers, who will go for Jury Nullification....
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    Interesting in that they are shot, arrested, and killed, while in Fergussen they burned and looted and I don't remember many arrests and the police were replaced. Next time I guess we should try to find some black ranchers instead, or white middle class occupy wall street protesters.
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    thank you to whatever moderator corrected the title of this was making my eyes twitch.
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    Sorry, I have a hard time handling this type situation, I had distant relatives at both Wounded Knee incidents, 1800's and 1900's and neither one worked out well for those involved and being disarmed, losing all your rights, your religion, your sense of being a person, and your property and being put in a FEMA camp, excuse me, it was called a reservation, worked out so well for the Lakota. You wonder about the future and what it might bring and I listened as a child about the happenings in the past and what it brought, and it is the same nightmare.
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    The same nightmare over and over and over and over AND OVER
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    I'm hopeful that with an electoral change of leadership our Country can be nursed back to the course of liberty. Maybe the Founders' way can triumph. If not, I think a point of no return is rapidly approaching. I don't know what that might be, it's just a gut feeling.

    The days of "meet the new boss, same as the old boss" have worn harshly on the people. Things will change pretty soon one way or another.
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    Sadly, I have to say that my opinion is that we are on a downward spiral that will continue. With the left, the roller coaster goes much faster into a socialistic/communist type tyranny... but with the new age Right, that spiral continues to the same destination, yet slower if that keeps you warm at night.

    That being said, if we were fortunate enough to vote radically, we could change that direction in the nation.... time will tell.
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    @Yard Dart I no longer believe that voting can do it...
    I have noticed, since I returned, that one to is always referred by their ethic heritage: Afro-American, Native-American, Hispanic-American, Asian-American...Why? And, what happened to plain old 'Americans' which we all are? United we stand...Divided we fall?

    I am not one to obsess about conspiracies but more and more I believe there truly are those in control, bending and shaping, forcing events, always in the background...and using us. Using us, the people of the United States, as a money base and an educated populous base for a military that far exceeds America's requirements - but not the requirements of the world. Yes, I think we are being used in more ways than one. And, that is all we are, a piggy bank...of people and money, a means of controlling a major portion of the world. America is not for Americans, and hasn't been for quite a while... my cost for simple things like medicines, internet, mobile phones in other parts of the world cost me 70% less with quality equal or better and no contracts. Why? You know why as do I.

    This cannot end well... The only way I see out of it is if things get worse, to a breaking point, but those in control will not let that happen and only push when and where it is palatable to do so... They are not stupid and will not repeat history, won't give it a chance. And, to try and defeat a monster the size of a government using legal means is just not possible so... It will take some outside event to bring a change: natural disaster, rogue nuclear attack, green men from space...

    A pretty grim that I'm sufficiently depressed - where's the scotch? :)
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