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    About eight or nine months ago I picked up a stray puppy from the side of the road that was eat up with some kind of parasite . Now I have them on both legs and lower body and need help eating rid of them. I have tried coconut oil and tea tree oil ,nd trying coconut oil with Sulphur now. My legs are on fire as nothing seems to help. It’s starting to make a deep red rash hat seeps a clear fluid at times. It will be next Monday before I can see a doctor,a long time with this burning. A really hot shower followed by a cold shower gives me a hr or so of relief. Any ideas?
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    I have no idea. Sounds strange tho. Be sure and let us know what it is. How’s the puppy doing?
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    I think I'd not wait for Monday. I think I'd head for the ER, right now. I've no idea what parasite would do that without some other manifestation, and I have some doubt that is the cause. I'm not a medic so won't elaborate, but get to the ER tonight.
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    Had to have the puppy put down,vet said he had gone to long without help,sad. It’s some of these sorry people that should be put down for causing so much pain for these poor animals.
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    Get your self some Iodine Soap ( Hospital grade) and soap your self down good! After dry, chase with Hydrogen Peroxide wipe down, and see how things go!
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    Mange in Humans: Symptoms, Treatment, and More

    You can get mange from animals or from human-to-human contact. A common type of mange in humans is known as scabies. Most cases of mange and scabies affect only your skin and are treatable. You should seek immediate medical treatment if you suspect you have the condition. Mange and scabies are highly contagious and may make you susceptible to a secondary infection.

    A variety of methods can treat mange. Most need a doctor’s prescription. These medications will kill mites and their eggs. Products called “scabacides” treat scabies.

    Aside from prescription treatments, you should clean the linens and clothing in your house. Do this by washing items with hot water and drying them in the dryer, dry cleaning them, or setting them in a plastic bag for a few days.

    Good luck - & read the entire linked article.
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    A friend ate some under-cooked brown bear while hunting up in ALaska, a few weeks later he still had the shits and was loosing weight. His wife finally took him to E.R. and they said he was so full of parasites that killing them would poison him to death. He's dead now though..
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    I also would guess it was mange... I have had Scabies (Bosnia/Kosovo) and there is no non-prescription med that I know of that can kill them. In most countries you can purchase the cream over the counter but here...not a chance because then the doctor can't get paid and the insurance can't get paid and the...they would rather you spread them all over hell. Yeah, it's damn contagious... Believe me you do NOT want to wait, especially since you are showing all the signs...wait when they get to your groin area then you're in for a shock. I would call your Doctor again and tell them the situation, "Look, I think I got scabies from a mange infected dog and I need something now!" Tell them your symptoms and to recommend another doctor if necessary but you cannot and will not wait and you need help now! Friggin American medical care...the best in the world, right?

    Your clothes are also is all your bedding and if you have had any sexual contact - well - guess what? In fact, if you are sharing the bed then more than likely your partner is infect or will be. Google the internet on what to do but honestly, until you smear that crème on you (sometimes pills or both) then it is a lost cause trying to rid your clothes or etc. of them. Kill them on yourself first then your clothes and bedding (hot water wash and hot dryer), vacuum the's all on the internet.

    Geez, it makes my skin crawl just thinking of it! Next time I go overseas for a visit I will definitely bring me back some meds for this...never want that crap again.
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    this aint gud at all :( :(

    it is also contagious so ya should not go sit in the ER waitin room or a dokters waitin room and potentially infect 100 other folks

    make sure ya tell em over the phone what it is likely to be, send em pictures, wutever it takes.

    it normally takes a microscope to confirm the diagnosis but yep as all yall said it is bad stuff no matter wut this is.

    ya gotta disinfect everythin in yer house and ya have to treat every single family member in the house too. so ****please do not under any circumstances**** let the kids or grandkids come over while yer being treated fer this
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    time to burn down the house, furniture, bedding and clothes. and then move to the BOL as it will be parasite free.
    I'm kidding.

    Yeah, my friend was an EMT in ann arbor. Picked up a homeless guy that's had got hit by a car.
    Yep, he had scabies. She didn't catch them but once they found out at the hospital, decontamination of the entire truck, their uniforms, shoes, everything. She wanted to burn the truck, her clothes, etc. Said she was glad she'd not gone home to find out later.

    guess the guy was covered with the suckers all over except his face. serious ewwww.
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    yep it is real bad stuff

    ya gotta let all yer personal effects soak in bleach fer like hours .. ..

    or burn em like VT said [ partly in jest ] but that aint recommended .. ..
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    Sounds like scabies, lonestar tick larvae (AKA Turkey Mites), Mange or several other mite type infestations. Problems is the pup was 8-9 months ago. You notice Scabies within 6 weeks Like REALLY Notice them. Mange fully manifest in 2-6 weeks, Turkey mites within about a hour. It would be doubtful that the pup was the source 8-9 months later. Did the vet note what parasites the pup was loaded with? Also Canine Scabies Cannot survive on a human host and human scabies cannot survive on a dog host. ALso dog mange cannot be transferred to humans. In humans the sub species of mites is scabies. In Canines what is called mange is actually a sub species of the mite called Canine Scabies again the two sub species cannot survive cross species.

    If it is Scabies the dog was not the source of the infestation.

    Turkey Mites if in your area typically are active June Through October and from the time of the EVIL LITTLE BASTARDS burrowing under your skin to relief varies from 1 week to 5 weeks.

    You might not like my suggestion for temp relief, but Preparation H should help quite a bit :) It relieves the itching and burning caused by a number of mites in the same way it relieves inflamation and itching in another area.

    And before you start burning and bleaching everything............ Find out from the Doctor what it actually is. Mites of some variety is only one possible thing, could be a allergic reaction, or a number of other things. The final solution treatment being very different for each possible thing.

    turkey mite bites.
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    Mange,my first contact was in the US. Had a sick cat come up and its flesh was crawling with them.

    Only choice was to put it down, I did. Dug a hole, poured in a gallon of gas an spoof.

    Vet agreed.
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    I've always heard there were 2 different types of Mange.
    1. Is in the blood and incurable.
    2. Is a parasite and was often cured with an used oil bath.
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    Flower of sulfur and burnt motor oil it's how I get rid of mange in dogs
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    Last month the doc said e thought it be a neuropathy flare up as I have neuropathy real bad. I always thought neuropathy was just pain and old age. It now there is a rash and broken blood veins and itch like crazy . The wife wants to wait till Monday o see the doc so until then I guess it will be coconut oil and Sulphur. My granddaddy on my mothers side and my daddy had neuropathy real bad,granddaddy like to have lost his foot because of it. Wife thinks it’s neuropathy she’s the boss it seems.This rashdid not start until I picked the little puppy up. I put coconut oil and Sulphur on it last night and every time I woke up durning the night so it seems better this morning.
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    I have teleported out of a house when a woman I was sitting on a couch with said her sores weren't chiggers but were scabies. I had the heebeejeebies for a couple of days afterwards.

    You are contaminated, my friend. I will miss your posts.....

    I'd have dissolved 50# of iodized salt in a bathtub full of hot water and scrubbed my legs bloody with something rough like a natural sponge. I can see me now. Pinching and popping those boils underwater while pulling on a handle of whiskey. Afterwards sleeping with my pants soaked in farm diesel.

    Try a Bravecto tablet if the above doesn't work....maybe...ymmv.....
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