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  1. I had some time to kill this weekend, so I decided to work on one of the AK's that was still stock. I have 3 of these WASR 10/63 models that I picked up for $350 each. This AK has close to 2K rounds through it. Only issue it has is a slightly canted front sight base. This issue was fixed easily by adjusting the front sight with a Tapco tool made for the job. This one also had a nicely done mag well with only a tiny amount of side to side movement. No movement from front to back at all. I did polish the feed ramp. Came with the excellent Tapco G2 trigger installed. Accuracy is to be as expected, about 3 to 4 inch groups at 100 yards with golden tiger 122 grain fmj ammo.

    Modifications include:
    Installation of a Blackjack buffer.
    Tapco version of the Bulgarian buttstock (1/2" longer)
    Tapco SAW grip
    Tapco railed handguard/gas tube
    Metal surfaces finished with Duracoat

    Future additions include:
    Rail mounted light (Surefire G2 LED)
    Tapco shorty vertical grip
    Some type of red dot sight

    I have used many Tapco products for a very long time. I have yet for one to fail on me. I'm also in process of running some Tapco polymer AK mags through the paces. Overall the AK's have been a great choice.

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    Know what turned me on to green lasers....
    I never could see the red dot under full sun... learned to just accept that fact a laser was a low light sight... then I got to mess around with one of these viridans and wow... there it was on the target under the noon day sun!!!!

    anyway I mentioned that model because it gives ya both the 158 lumen light and a laser in one small package that mounts to any rail... small light weight... not a bad deal in my book
  5. I appreciate the suggestion, however never have been a fan of lasers. Unless they are the IR units. I may pick up an IR unit in the future when I start messing with NV.
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    I just don't see a real world off the range use for it. I figure in daylight I can acquire a target faster with irons versus activating the laser anyways which still relegates laser to low light use for me. Figure any low light use will take place under conditions that give me the extra time for using it, such as on my own turf with cover and familiarity on my side. Guess it just depends on what you train yourself for though so as always YMMV.
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    wait till ya get to be an old man like me and that front sight gets harder and harder to see... I even had to put a scope on my 10/22 because I just couldnt see that tiny bead any more... my P944 does have a nice three dot that's not to bad but I can lock on target a lot faster with the laser
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    Normally I tell people to stay away from NV equipment because of it's high cost and hard to replace batteries...but... not long ago I ran across this product
    Night Vision Scopes and Optical Devices.

    now I've not used one so I cant say how good or bad it is, but I do like the specs... BTW the range would be limited by the range of it's IR light source so forget the long range part and think a couple hundred yards at best
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    A nice looking AK always warms my heart.
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    Not wanting to take this too far away from the original theme, let me first say it's a nice looking AK...

    As far as the laser question, there is one main reason I like having lasers on my weapons...moreso on handguns than rifles, but they are good to have on rifles also.

    Having experienced a number of firefights in my younger years, two things I learned is that it is good to stay behind cover as much as possible and not having to have your head behind your weapon is a definite advantage. If I can look around a tree (for example) on the left while my aimed fire is around the right, I am a much happier camper...

    Not a really big thing, or one that is going to help every time, but I like to have every tool I can in the box.

    Just sayin'...YMMV.

  11. GrandpaDave,

    Thanks for the link. I like the fact that the units use AA batteries.

    I may revisit the laser in a few years, these 40 year old eyes are still good.
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    Keep in mind... I'm just 12 years older than you are... I was 40 when my eyes started to go... not saying it'll happen to you but...
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    That is a nice AK I like the finish you did a good job on it.

    Another good point with a laser is the intimidation factor, Ive seen several big men have a change of heart once they seen that little dot moving around on their chest....
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    Nice looking AK. I have no personal experience with this, but I've often read that keeping the Tapco AK mags loaded will cause a failure of the mag lips. Might want to look into this if you are using their magazines.

  15. More than likely they will be just range mags. Picked them up for $5.50 a piece on sale. I'll keep my steel mags for a special occasion.
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    Steel is the way to go in AK mags. I like my AKs plain. No plastic and no optics.

    I've been kind of craving one again after watching Sons of Guns. I really dig that rear sight that they put on their integrally suppressed AK. That is the most significant downside to the AK platform- short sight radius and lack of a peep sight for old guys.
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