Part Time Work is enough right?

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    Wake up in the morning ten minutes late, I
    hit the snooze like a Chris Brown date I
    brush all my teeth, I'm driving, and I'm on my way
    But I'm floored when I walk into the joint I'm
    more confused than Joe Namath with a coin my
    boss' memo says starting today

    I'm working 1 to 5
    My hours keep on falling
    Now I'm not full-time
    All the creditors keep calling
    Said I could keep my plan
    I'm no longer a believer
    My new deductible's so high
    you'd think its dad was Jeremy Bieber

    Working 1 to 5
    Not trying to be controversial
    it's just I'm home and I'm
    watching J.G. Wentworth commercials
    Say goodbye full time
    and hello to under-employment
    Because I'm working fewer hours
    than a Flappy Bird high score

    Working 1 to 5
    I'm no longer out there toiling
    My work schedule
    is less complete than a Sochi toilet
    Oh the New York Times
    assures me that it's liberating
    from what it isn't clear I guess
    employment compensation

    Working 1 to 5
    Insecure and broke that's right
    Working 1 to 5
    Like the Obamacare website
    Working 1 to 5
    It's just a simple task
    It's like they drilled the Keystone XL pipeline
    directly up my...
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    Mindgrinder Karma Pirate Ninja|RIP 12-25-2017

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