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    Hi SM.

    Possibly the worst thing that can happen to any dog lover is to find your pup lethargic, puking, refusing to eat or drink and pooping bloody water. This recently happened to my boys and we're still in mid-battle.

    We bought our pups from an ad on kajiji and were given cards showing that they had their first 2 rounds of shots. (parvo included).

    Late August:

    Late Sept:

    Fast forward a few months and they were a bit behind on the next boosters when parvo struck.

    Hoser and Slacker Just before:

    Initial Symptoms:

    Slacker refused to eat a treat and seems disinterested in playing...I figured he prolly ate some bark or something in the back yard and would be fine by morning. (Hoser was totally normal).
    Next morning he was very lethargic, refused to drink or eat and had dry we rushed him to the vet.

    Vet said the initial shots they got were useless as they were done too soon.
    Because there was no bloody diarrhea yet we figured he might have something stuck in his guts. Temperature was ok, blood tests were ok as were xrays....then he had explosive diarrhea in the clinic which tested positive for parvo.
    IV bag and into quarantine he went.

    Hoser was at home and remained fine but we got his parvo shot immediately.
    Several days in the hospital and Slacker started coming around....but now Hoser was coming down with symptoms but not puking and still had mostly solid poop, so we started him on tamiflu and pedialyte.

    Just as Slacker was ready to come home from hospital, Hoser was going downhill and as of this post is checked in for IV and overnight stay.


    At home, Slacker is currently running this treatment.

    24mg Cerenia (stop puking)
    5cc Sucralfate one hour prior to other meds. (fix guts)
    1/2 cap 75mg Tamiflu every 12 hrs. (limit other problems while weak immune)
    250 mg Metronidazole every 12 hrs. (stop diarrhea)

    In both cases it was caught VERY early and immediately treated.
    I'm quite hopeful Slacker will pull through as he is eating now and drinking on his own.

    I have the entire trailer floors and furniture covered in painters plastic and tarps as i'm expecting some nasty accidents. Plenty of fluids, chicken broth, bleach etc.
    Parvo can live for YEARS in soil or on surfaces and can ONLY be killed with BLEACH. Nothing else does it apparently.

    I'm very scared for Hoser as he was in pretty rough shape when we put him into quarantine a couple hours ago.

    Updates to follow and much sincere thanks to those who have helped with prayers.

    Current cost of treatment, meds, ect...
    Upwards of $2500

    While I am generally an anti-vaccer - having seen how fast and hard this can hit your dog - it's worth making SURE your dog is up to date on this shot.
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    Hope your guys are much better soon, and thanks for the warning.
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    There are tons of videos on youtube and info online aboot alt treatments for parvo with silver water etc but frankly...I wouldn't take the risk. (and won't ever again be behind on this shot. EVER)

    The smell of parvo poop....there's no way to describe it but "creeping death".
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    I will keep sending positive thought your way MG. Although I haven't gone through Parvo, like you and many other pet parents, I have spent thousands of dollars in attempts to cure the disasters that befell my beloved companions. You have two beautiful pups and I hope that they will soon be well and up to their usual mischief
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    I never heard of the Parvovirus until now and I did a bit of reading on it - nasty stuff, real nasty. We'll all be pulling for you. Keep the faith as they're both young and strong and it sounds like you got a good vet.
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  6. stg58

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    Thanks for posting.
    I always got the vaccine for my dogs good info on when to get them.

    Nice looking pups hope it all works out.
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  7. Mindgrinder

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    Just said goodnight to doesn't think he'll get through the night.
    Will post heartbreaking pics maybe tomorrow.
  8. 3M-TA3

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    I'm so, so.sorry MG, that's heartbreaking. Hoping for a miracle.
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    Positive thoughts and prayers flowing your way!!!
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    Accept realities but don't give up hope. Petitions can be answered when we least expect.
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    Praying for the miracle brother.
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    You have my most heart felt sympathies.. My prayer's are out for you and Hoser.
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    Many folks don't understand the connection that develops between humans and dogs.
    There are scores of stories about families being saved by a dog waking them up to a fire an intruder or a threat to their kids.

    One of my favorites Abby would chase any strays away right up to our property line walk back and forth until it moved on without prompting this was her turf no doubt..

    All the best for Hoser.
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    That picture of the boys checking out their first bath is my favorite. They are sweet pups. The boy and I went to the chapel, lit a candle and prayed hard for you all.
  15. Lone Gunman

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    Congratulations on the high quality care you're giving your dogs. Your post jogged my memory. Here's something from Google emphasizing the necessity to administer intravenous fluids.

    'Therefore, keeping your dog hydrated is an important part of treatment. Since the virus produces violent vomiting and diarrhea, fluids must be administered via IV or subcutaneous injections.IV fluid is usually a mix of potassium and dextrose that helps to keep blood sugar and electrolytes at proper levels.' (Google)

    For whatever it's worth: I used to sleep with my dogs on the floor whenever one of them was sick; but, then again, I had years of training into each one; and I realized that they would do better with me than without. Happily I seem to have been right.
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    It's an unmistakable smell and once you've smelled it, you'll recognize it anywhere. When I lived on a ranch, someone dumped a litter of puking, crapping, very sick puppies at my place. I didn't know what it was at the time. Put them in the horse trailer and took them to the vet, who immediately put them all down and told me to bleach everything nine ways from Sunday. Took a lot of bleach to clean that entire trailer. The stench was death and rot. After seeing that, I got religious about keeping my dogs vaccinated.

    Crossed fingers and best wishes to both dogs for a full recovery.
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  17. GrayGhost

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    Keep fighting the good fight, man. Prayers will continue...
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  18. ghrit

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    Better than expected news in the shoutbox this morning, he's hanging in.
  19. oil pan 4

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    That sucks a lot, we all want healthy doggies.

    I was searching around for a new parvo virus strain the newest article I could find were 2014, saying there is no new strain.
    Luckily most diseases start in 3rd world over seas countries and is usually discovered on another end of world in some first world countey before it makes it to north America.
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  20. Mindgrinder

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    Hoser made it through the night against the odds...

    This is him last night - I gave him heck and told him he wasn't allowed to run away because we haven't even went fishing together yet.

    This is the night before when they were together at home.

    Slacker on IV fighting off parvo like a boss.

    Ready to come home....lots of meds as listed above....none fun to feed'em to him either.

    Happiest poop i've ever seen....solid and no blood.

    Hoser still in hospital fighting for his life....

    Trusting in God and thankful for all of you here in this thread.
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