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    I'm slightly bemused by Pat Condell's appearance in the Faith and Religion forum, posted by one of the site's resident theists.

    Bemused, principally because of Pat Condell's ecumenical savaging of most religions, their dogmas, and the religiosity of their adherents. Pat has even been known to fire his satirical barbs at secularists of the liberal / left accomodationist variety.

    There is a kind of delicious irony in seeing a theist using an atheist anti-theist political / social commentator to attack one of the other of the three "desert dogmas", as Pat Condell so colourfully puts it.

    One may think that a theist and an atheist reading from the same prayer book might make for strange bedfdellows (to mix metaphors slightly), but I guess its a case of "my enemy's enemy is my friend"....albeit a friendship of temporary convenience.

    To demonstrate Pat Condell's ecumenical treatment of religions, (not just a preoccupation with Islam alone) here are three of Pat's Youtube videoclips that may provide a bit of balance to the treatment of the muslim protests, that may have you wondering about the wisdom, and consistency, of using an anti-theist's schtick to beat those "idiot sheet head(s)" infidels with.

    "The Crisis of Secularism"

    "What's Good About Religion?"

    "Insulting Religion"
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    Pat, like some others I know put their mouth into gear before engaging their brain. Then there are some who just like to hear their head rattling while they condemn everyone else. Guess it gives them a sense of importance to feed their over active ego.
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