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    There will definitely be a Season III, and now, for sure, a Season IV..... And more than likely a few more after that, depending on the Ratings, which are very GOOD, Now....
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    I am here in Hoonah, Alaska, today, doing the Install of this Upgrade System... I, likely will be going down to the other site at 1:30Pm local, to do that end of the Install, and staying overnite..... Then home, maybe Sat, or Sunday.
    I am Taking Pictures of the whole deal, and will update them on here, when I get home...
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    Well, here I am in the Icy Straights Motel, in Hoonah, Alaska.... Was supposed to fly home this afternoon at 5Pm, local, but it turned out that Excursion Inlet was Fogged in with NO WIND, after 3Pm.... So they put me up and fed me a nice Supper, and I fly home in the morning at 10Am, Wx Permitting... Pictures need to wait till I get home, but I do have them, on the iPad.....
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    What is the population like in the big city of Hoonah..... stay out of trouble up there. :)
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    I think about 1200 souls.... I am in the Room for the nite, already...
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    Ok Pictures as promised...... First set is at the Hoonah Office.... Office1.

    Link Antenna to Salt Lake Bay......


    Base Antenna for around Town Comms


    Radio Setup in the Production Office.....


    Chicken House Version 1.0... Now a SmokeHouse after we install the Panel Antenna in 3 weeks....


    Second Image of Chicken House V1.0......


    Radio Setup on a shelf, inside the Chicken House......
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    Did the comm's work as expected or are there additional items still to be installed to complete the project?
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    The Comms is UP and Running with the "Temporary" Crossed Yagi Antenna on the Chicken House. When the Sinclair Panel Antenna comes, next month, I will come back over, and install that Antenna and maybe move the Salt Lake Bay System, from the Chicken House V1.0, to the Main Cabin. That will only happen if, we get Mom's approval to cut a few of HER Trees, down, that are in the path. She is thinking about it, and will decide, before I come back. We have very good Signal Levels NOW, but that will change once the Snow Flies, and I want the Higher Gain Antenna on that end, before that happens. As things sit NOW, they have Excellent Comms, End to End.
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    Great job BT... thanks for sharing your adventure!!!
  11. BTPost

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    Thought I would update this thread.... The Sinclair Panel Antenna arrived in late October... But they had shut down production on Oct 30th, for the Holiday Season, and will not be back till after the first of the Year... The plan is, for me to go install it, sometime in mid January, and install the Marine Coast HF & VHF Station, in the Cabin, at the same time, if they can get the FCC Licenses in order, by then. Also one of the Boys is studying for his Ham License, so I may be giving a Ham Test during that trip, if he is ready. For now I have the Panel Antenna stored in my Conex Box, here... It is already paid for, so it doesn't matter to me if, or when it ge ts installed. In talking to the Production Team, they had good Comms, right up until they shut down, with only some slight noise on the Path, during two Heavy Rain Squalls. So I am pleased with the results, of this Project... When I go to install the Panel Antenna, I will update this thread, and post more pictures....

    Another update.... On the Alaska Bush People show (On Discovery Channel) that aired last night, Dec 9th (Episode "Dock-u-Drama") has "Yours Truly" well not accually, all of me, but it shows my Arm and Hand, reaching out and Shaking Billy Brown's hand to seal a Deal, on a couple of those Water Totes, that we are giving away. There is also a drone shot of my backyard, that shows the Totes before the Deal was Done. I can tell you, there will be further developments, later this month...

    Well, further developments.... Mr. Brown, and #2 son, Joshua, (Bam Bam) were sentenced yesterday, for One Count each, of "unsworn falsification in the second degree" a Misdemeanor, in the State of Alaska.... They got 180 Days, with 150 Days Suspended, and are to Report to Jail, on April 15th... They have repaid ALL the Moneys they received from the PFDs, will pay Fines, Community Service Hours, that can NOT be filmed, and they both are barred from filing for PFDs for Life... All the other Family Members Cases have been Dropped, under the Agreement, with the State of Alaska. They attended Court, via Teleconference from SoCal.... They are expected to return to HOME, to Alaska, next week. There was a two second "Shot" of the SmokeHouse/Chicken HouseV1.0 in one of the later Episodes, (Alarmed & Dangerious. minute 33) but it showed the Building with the Antennas, for the System, attached... The shot is right after the Boys finished screwing, some Sheet Metal, on the Bow of their skiff, out on the beach, and they were walking back to the Cabin. There may be some more filming, with Me, and AlaskaChick, in Feb. We will see, and update, as required....

    Billy Brown is a GOOD Friend, and I love the Man, as a Brother.... I am a Rule of LAW Guy, and if you do the Crime, then you must do the Time.... But that doesn't impact my Love, for Billy, in the slightest.... and that is ALL, I have to say, about that.....
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    Update.... My friends, the Brown Family, will be here, next week.... Pictures, after, at 11Pm....
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    Did Noah get his license yet?
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    No... Not yet... I will be asking him, if he is ready... Turns out he has a "Classic"excuse.... "The BEAR, ate my Homework!!" It seems in November, the BEAR, broke into the Cabin, and basically destroyed, everything, including all the Ham Study Guides, that he was using...
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    After 3 days of filming, I am just now getting back to my NORMAL routine... Above is Alaskachick, (second from the left) along with some of the Brown Family, just before they left the dock, headed home.... AlaskaChick took a tumble, on the first day, and flew into town, right after this picture was taken... She just called, and has a Fractured Arm... She will be flying home in the morning.... We had a BLAST doing this episode, and look forward to seeing it aired, this summer... Had a very nice Family Dinner, on Thursday Night, just us, and the Brown Family, (No Producers, Cameras, or Sound Folks) and stayed up way to late, talking, laughing, and telling Family Stories...
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    Very sorry to hear about @alaskachick's arm! Hopefully it is a clean break and will heal quickly.
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    Thanks for all the good wishes, everyone. The problem is my previously broken arm that was a non-union of the fracture was also whacked out of place. The good point is maybe it will heal now. I also fractured a bone in my hand, so my left arm and hand are out of commission , but not as painful as the new fracture in my right arm. For all you medical people out there, they are both fractures on the radial head. So, no casts, just endure.
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    Update: Last week the Production Company sent over the malfunctioning Salt Lake Bay end of the System UpGrade Link. Seems that when they departed, last November, they just turned off the Power, and left... When they returned, in the middle of January, the hardware was totally soaked with water. In moving it, to dry it out, and trying to get it functioning again, apparently, they messed up, ALL the Setup Settings... So, I spent about 4Hours, redoing ALL the Setups (Audio Levels, PL Settings, DPL Settings, RF Power Levels, Receive Sensitivity & Selectivity) and the Hardware is ready to go back... Just heard from the Folks... I will be going over and reInstall it in a different Structure, as they will need to use the SmokeHouse, this summer. More pictures, and Updates, when that happens... The Saga Continues...
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    Understood, wife is a RN. I was an EMT.
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