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    Next Update.. AlaskaChick is recovering from the New Broken Arm, and hand... It is slow going, but the SawBones in Seattle said the new X-Rays did show healing, on those breaks... But the Old Break is Never going to heal, and is showing "Calcification" ... The ABP Folks have been filming hard and heavy, since they left here.... I listen to them on the CrewBoats, every day, on Marine VHF Radios... They have indicated that they want US, to come visit BrownTown during the Filming of Season V, this summer... and they want me over to get the Link System Running, before Season V begins filming... Pictures if, or when that happens...
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    This should be the FINAL UPDATE, of this Thread.... Ya'll should set your DVRs to the Discovery Channel, on May 20th, at 9Pm Eastern, 8Pm Central, 7Pm Mountain, 6Pm Pacific, and 5Pm Alaskan Time.... OR, again 2 hours later.... This will be the Episode that we filmed in early February.
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    In case we don't get cable -- let us know if you find it for viewing on the Discovery channel website, please.

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    Another UpDate, to this saga.... Just got a call from the Production Company... They are back in Hoonah, AK and setting up to start putting Season V, in the Can... They asked if I would be available to come over, and reInstall the Salt Lake Bay end of the Link System, and make it work, Again.... They removed all the Antennas from the ChickenHouse V1/SmokeHouse.... So those will have to be installed somewhere, and connected to the Radios.... This was a Preliminary Call, so nothing for sure, but likely I will be going over and getting things going for them.... Will be nice to see the Brown Family again.... if it happens...
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    ^Can we pass the hat to get Birdy's tooth fixed. I'm serious. [afro]
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    Did he pass the tech test
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    No passing the Hat is required... Birdy likes her teeth just the way they are.... She has enough money, in her own right, to do whatever she likes... and ONE thing she just can't understand, is everyones fixation on her teeth.... I will give you a clue, Do NOT stand out in front of her, when she is practicing with "Butcher" She is a Crack Shot out to 500 Yds.... AlaskaChick, Ami, Birdy & Rainy, went shooting together in Feb, when they were here... Birdy outshot everyone... Hands down... AlaskaChick was second best...

    I don't think Noah has done much on the Tech Stuff, but I do NOT know for sure.... Last I talked to him in May, when I was staying at the Same Motel, as the Family, He was still looking at the material.... He got a National NC5, from one of the local Hams, and was going to see if he could get it receiving.... That was my last contact with the Family, and they have been traveling since the end of May... I have a Dipole Antenna for him, if I go over on this Job... It got lost, and was supposed to go with the NC5.... It showed up here, a month later....
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    Good to hear. Tell them hey from me. [afro]
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    Wish i could help ya with some of that but i don't have a clue to what you are doing, so i will just wish you the best of luck.
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    This should be the FiNAL, Final Update to this thread..... During the filming of Season VII, in April, Noah, and his girlfriend Rhein, are stay out at BrownTown, watching the place, while the rest of the Family is down in Enceno, CA waiting for Biopsy Tests on Ami, to be conducted and evaluated. Matt came up to relieve Noah & Rhein so they could go see Ami, and the promptly "Blew himself Up" with what likely was a "Seal Bomb" out at the BrownTown site... The rumors of Dynamite, are BS, but there was an Incident, He was Medivaced to town, and then LifeFlighted to Seattle, and Production has ceased, at the Salt Lake Bay Site, and it is being "Cleaned Up and returned to the Site Owners. The Production Office is being CLOSED, for good, and all the props and other things are being Returned off Lease, Sold, or given away. I was contacted by the Production Folks, about doing a "Special Episode" and after some negotiations, Alaskachick and I agreed to do some filming of a Segment, for this Special... When they came over, they brought back the Panel Antenna, and the BrownTown End Radio System, and gave it back to me. They said they would send the Production Office System over later, but is hasn't shown up, so maybe someone grabbed it... Who Knows... It really isn't useful for much as it sits, and I would have liked to get the Phelps Dodge Corner Reflector Antenna back, as well as the Two Morad UHF Base Antennas, but Oh Well... Anyone need a 12db UHF Panel Antenna that costs $3300US? Never Installed, I can make you a hell of a deal....
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