Patriot Nurse hits the Dollar Tree

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by CATO, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. CATO

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    "puppy pads" . . . didn't think of that one

  2. stg58

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    My med bag has some dollar tree items but I stay away from things that go into my stomach or on my wound that are sourced from China.

    Puppy pads have to pick up a few..

    Did a search for Patriot Nurse

    About Patriot Nurse
    The Patriot Nurse is an RN, with a BSN. In addition to her work in the United States, she has also traveled extensively for medical mission work to impoverished and isolated areas around the globe.

    Medical Preparedness Education
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  3. chelloveck

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    Costco gets the Patriot Nurse treatment too.....

  4. AmericanRedoubt1776

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  5. AmericanRedoubt1776

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  6. vonslob

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    Cato thanks for the reminder. I am headed over to the dollar store now
  7. VHestin

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    Used to get epsom salts for my homemade bath salts at dollar store, they stopped selling it. My flour tortillas I get at dollar store are from Dallas, not China.
  8. vonslob

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    dollar store 001.JPG
    Just got back from dollar tree.
    picked up: 6 boxes band aids
    1 dental cleaning kit
    2 bottles of asprin
    1 box loperamide- anti-diarheal meds
    1 roll medical tape
    2 nasal inhalers
    1 lb epsom salts
    Some items were a good price, others not as much of a great deal. All of this for 14.00 dollars and change
  9. Illini Warrior

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    they sell various tube ointments for a $1 that the regular drug stores are selling at $3.50+ .... last new item I saw at Dollar tree were finger cots .... great item to have along with your band aids .... keep the dirt out and the band aid on those finger cuts ....
  10. ditch witch

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    Dollar Tree has a Neosporin knockoff that seems to work almost as well, for a fraction of what Neosporin runs. Their laundry detergent is ok too, we use it for the Mr.'s work clothes, about 1/4 what the bottle says to use per load, and it gets everything clean for cheap.
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  11. Tully Mars

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    We do the same on the med items. My wife is a nurse who worked for a long time as a pharmaceutical rep. As a result, she has taught me the generic names for a lot of OTC meds. A person can save A LOT of money by going to dollars stores, Sam's ect and purchasing generic supplies. A large vet supply store (online or brick and mortar) can also be a good source for med supplies.
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  12. stg58

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    Went over to Dollar Tree to pick up some med supplies and noticed that tomorrow is "customer appreciation day" with 10% off for $10 or more purchases .
    I will return for my stuff tomorrow.
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  13. tedrow42

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    You know if this is all dollar trees? I could use some more stuff for my first aid kit for the truck
  14. Yard Dart

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  15. tedrow42

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    @Yard Dart how do u find these things so quickly? And thank you
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  16. Yard Dart

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  17. kellory

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    The goolefu is strong with this one...[bow]
  18. Mechwolf

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    Just an FYI Walmart has an $0.88 section that is usually cheaper than dollar general or the dollar store.
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  19. tedrow42

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    Hate Walmart but i need to look into that
  20. Tully Mars

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    I had no idea I could shop the dollar store on line! Whoda thunk it?:) I'm ordering several cases of med supplies and shipping to the nearest store is free. Thanks for the link YD, I never would've thought to look 'em up on line.
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