Patriot or Traitor?

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Minuteman, Mar 2, 2009.

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    The problem is usually in the officer ranks. These are people who are just worthless in the eyes of many enlisted personnel, they get a free ride and believe they know everything, they flaunt their ideas (which come straight out of books) which have absolutely zero practicality. Most time is wasted in the Army, which I can vouch for, due to incompetence alone -mainly officers who have no clue at all about logistics and common sense. Mind you, there are always exceptions. For instance, an officer who was first an enlisted soldier. I have not met one to date who wasn't centered and decent. Naturally, I believe through my own experiences, that most soldiers just wouldn't WANT to participate in any urban warfare against their own citizenry, but as for actually FOLLOWING ORDERS...well, I just don't know anymore. With the standards dropping daily, many soldiers only being accepted due to waivers for past criminal offenses, I do not hold too must stock in our brave soldiers -but I seriously doubt that any martial action would go over easily. Keep in mind that these soldiers are being spoon fed LIES by their commanders, they are told only ONE SIDE of the situation, it could be a training op to the average Joe, or a secret op to save the citizenry from would be "terrorist cells". It could be as simple as gun confiscations in order to protect other citizens from the few "bad ones" -which would work out quite easily, believe me. New Orleans was only one example, carried out mostly by Fed's. And so, again, it isn't difficult to create the reality the soldiers would need to operate at the will of the government. The military has its own censored television network, its own supply lines, complete isolation from the "outside world"...even if it is the very same geographic place they occupy -the truth is subversive by nature. The situation could quickly escalate, where ANY non-military person who carries a weapon is deemed an enemy combatant by simple ROE, the military operates on form alone, it needs no real justification, only an order passed down and carried out by those who are fighting for a cause they are led to believe is necessary. And the rule of necessity alone dictates survival of the fittest, the military protects the military, it functions and operates out of the necessity delegated by its superiors.
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    Here is the thing, if 25% to 50% are not willing to turn on the people it will create chaos within the ranks. The people do not need it to be 100% to have a decisive edge. If your on patrol and wondering if the dude behind you is on the other side you're f#cked! Look at the shit in Iraq where they go on patrol with guys who turn out to be insurgents. You can not give me an order to shot my mother, brother , sister, cousin or close friends and expect me to carry it out. There WILL be some who will carry out any order but they will also be some who will not.
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    Good video on the cycle.

    Question: Has the cycle ever been broken in history? Has a sliding republic ever NOT become an Oligarchy?

    I will answer that rhetorical question with one of my favorite quotes.... "Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves!" :)
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    "Interestingly, there were a few retired Marine officers, one retired Colonel in particular, who were extremely agitated over the video and felt the Marine should be brought in front of a military court on numerous charges of misconduct."
    I thought a colonel would be a little more educated than that.

    That masked marine is protecting his country.
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    I am not sure if I completely understand what point the OP is trying to make.
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    He is asking if you think the words of the skeletar Marine are inline with that of a "patriot" or a "traitor?"

    What part is confusing you?
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