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    Vladimir Putin strike again. Patriotism in Russia is at a high and he is now working on inspiring the youth. Welcome to Patriot Park.

    Vladimir Putin opens Russian 'military Disneyland' Patriot Park

    Great picture of the park in the CNN link. A day in Russia's military Disneyland -

    Time magazines headline regarding this park read: -Russia Just Opened a Theme Park for Warmongers Russia Just Opened a Theme Park for Warmongers

    I put in the bit about Time magazine because I want people to think about the difference in our countries, the difference in youth. What will American kids grow up as vs. Russian kids? These Russian kids will have been raised with love of country, military and will defend their homeland. What about American youth?
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    There are some bright shiny spots, but by and large we have a lost generation or two that aren't up to the demands of living in a republic. Because the majority of immigrants seem to be illegal immigrants who have been taught the America was stolen from Mexico I see no hope there, as we have had in previous immigration cycles helping to keep us vital. In contrast, legal immigrants from Mexico and elsewhere are as patriotic as they come. Too bad our government keeps spitting in their faces by favoring those who don't follow the rules over them. I digress...

    Our eyes will likely see the end of the most glorious chapter in human history. By the time we have experienced enough pain as a culture it may well take centuries to get back to the beginning of freedom and liberty. Enjoy it while it lasts and find a way to pass on the vision for a future generation who will have to take up arms and pay in blood for what we gave away for free,
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    There are some strange things going on in Russia... I am not sure if that piece about Russia being on a 'war footing' ((in news last week. Yep! war footing) for the past few years was posted on the Monkey Tree. And, make no mistake, they are hurting economically! The Ruble is in the toilet right along side other puny 3rd world countries currencies...They have little else but patriotism at this time...

    But, Russia scares me for numerous reasons...the main three reasons are:
    The Soviet and Nazi realms were almost identical in ideology and everything else...
    Putin is from the Soviet era and I will tell you ALL Russians miss the Soviet Union, its power, being feared...They want it back.
    America is not the America of 1941...
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    Quite apart from military style theme parks, Russian "patriotism" of sorts is inculcated via conscription....

    Via: Unwarranted Draft Case Launched Against Opposition Leader : The Other Russia

    Russian conscription is no more popular now among their men and women than it was by young American men during the Vietnam War era.

    Via: Putin OKs Drafting Of 150,000 Conscripts Into Russian Military


    Russian conscripts have as many concerns about their country as US Vietnam conscripts had of both cases, their war service as conscripts had them questioning the justification of unquestioning patriotism for the nations that had conscripted them.
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    Let us never forget that wars are started and conducted by governments, and that without their involvement neighbors can usually find a way to get along.
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    IMO war is the second greatest means of depopulation. agenda 21.
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    Sometimes I wonder if I have raised my kids wrong. They said they would like to go to a place like Patriots Park. They are not hype sensitive over checking out tanks and rocket launchers. Yes, it is good they do not turn into sniveling, therapy seeking pansies when they see a bubble gun but it does separate them from a lot of their generation.
  8. DKR

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    Every year, a lot of young men and women volunteer for the US Marine Corps. Of those, a fair number wind up in real-deal combat units. Over the last ten years (Bush + the dip currently filling the slot) 5.5 million have served in the Gulf conflict, and a very large number of those are door-kickers.

    There are 19.5 million Vets living in the US today (FFF: Veteran's Day 2015: Nov. 11, 2015)

    I'm not worried, but it does bother me to see so many caught up in being Politically Correct - the mind disease of the 21st Century...
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