Patriot plates??

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    Any opinions or experience? The price is certainly "right". Almost makes me wonder if it is to good to be true. Interesting videos on YouTube.

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    why not
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    So you definately do NOT want uncoated plates which some of theirs are. A very heavy and robust coating is needed to trap bullet fragments when it spatters on impact spraying high velocity fragments in multiple directions. Easy to mess your face and jaw up badly and can rip into your upper arms near the brachial artery if the splatter is not trapped. The performance of the coating is quite important for metal plates. Soft armor or ceramic tend to trap the bullet and not fragment into spray. Determine if the coating will perform or it might not be such a bargin compared to AR500 coated plates.

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    I'll share my admitted limited experience with plates, carriers and vests.

    First I'd be wary of the 90 degree corners as they could abrade the pocket of your plate carrier.
    @Airtime has a valid point about uncoated plates, shrapnel risk is high. Best to use a coated plate or wear your plate OVER soft armor.

    As for the quality of the plates, opinions always vary but given the low cost of the plates you might want to buy a set, bring them to the range and test them by shooting the ever-lovin' crap out of 'em.

    Personally I have a set of generic plates I bought in a local group buy a while ago. We had an overabundance of plates we obtained from a local supplier and since all identifying labels had been removed, several plates were "tested" extensively with 5.56, .308, 7.62X54 and 30-06; standard ball and penetrator / steel core (except .308) None of the plated we tested were holed, cracked or chipped. Obviously none of the tested plated were issued for use.

    Here is a pic of the plates I use.

    They are heavy SOB's at about 8 lb each. This is NOT "bug out" gear, This is intended for defense of a fixed position. These go into a plate carrier and if TS ever HTF they will be worn over a refurbished tactical police vest. I suggest Bulletproofme as I've made some purchases through them with good results.

    Good luck and best wishes. If you test the plates, please post results back here !
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