Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse

Discussion in 'Survival Reading Room' started by ChemicalGal, Dec 20, 2006.

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    wow, read through all the excerpt chapters....eyeopening ,Economic collapse is pobablythe MOST likely, LEAST understood teotwaki scenario. It could be initiated at any time by big money making thre right play on the world markets. Plus there's no massive contamination or blast damage to contend with. 2100% inflation scares me, I don't know how to financially survive something like that ( precious metals,canned goods/ammunition or other tangibles I guess) . Then "they" ride in to save us with a new emergency currency...This llooks like a good investment next to anothe bag of rice or beans.[applaud][peep]

    Thanks for posting it..[flag]
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    I loved the book. Read it three times back to back.

    You know there is a 2nd edition out now with two extra chapters.
    Note; Link has been changed to reflect that.
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    Might have to get a new copy...mine is about read out.
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    I read Patriots every year. Jim just sent me the updated signed copy.
    Have to check it out as soon as I clear the other 8 books off my nightstand.
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    Fred's has 800 signed copies left, I think.
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    Thanks for that link! I recently had a total wipe-out of my hard drive and lost most of my saved links. I had some backed up on my external, but only those saved in IE as I usually surf with FireFox. That link also contained other sources I had lost. Thanks
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    Just Finished JWRs book. Excellent read through and through. I have some critics, but they are all stylistic ones. What he went through to write this must have been something else. If he reads this forum, I'd like to chat with him.
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    Great read and makes you think of some things you may not have planned for.

    Economic collapse via dumping of treasury notes is absolutely believable.
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    I won a copy on Rawles blog ( and HIGHLY recommend it. Really one of teh top 10 pieces of fiction out there in my humble opinion.
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