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    For discussion: Say all you want about cfr/bilderberg /trilateral; conspiracy theorist:Somebody writes these outrageous/unconstitutional acts and bills; not the"amittedly "c"average student GWB.
    But who?[tinfoil101]foosed[dunno]
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    Politicans are nothing more than puppets on the ends of strings made of FRN's. Big multi-national corps are the puppet masters. They are the ones that run countries, not just ours. They are the ones that stand the most to gain from keeping busy making/buying widgets. If you are rushing around trying to keep up with the Jones's then how could you break lose from the system? You just keep running off to earn more credits so you can buy more things/services because you don't have time to provide them for yourself and family. All the while they slowly tighten the screws to make it harder and harder to break from the system by having the puppets slip more laws and regulations in that you were to busy to notice. The circle just keeps going around and getting tighter all the time.


    BTW You dosen't mean you Tango just a general term for people.
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    No prob, I gave up the "keeping up with the jones" about my firstyear outta high school.( folks call it being unmotiovated"....They can callit what it they want, and I do love my old motorcycles (Old cheap Hondas, just picked up a 73 cb450 in reasonably good original shape$450notrunning, had it running in 45 minutes...)
    I don'tplay the "credit card mouse wheel" game either...
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    Certain groups have been infiltrating the inner workings of various nations for decades. In the United States, since the very start there were European bankers and occult members that penetrated the highest ranks of our three branches of government. Ben Franklin spoke of these people several times, Andrew Jackson knew very well who some of them were, Lincoln ran into a few, Wilson found out how convincing they can be, FDR was preened and tutored by some of them, Kennedy got too close to them, and every President in between and since has known that there is a curtain which separates the real workings of government from the unsuspecting masses.

    If you really want to know how unconstitutional bills get passed, study some of what happened when McFadden was a Congressman and the secrets that came out of Jekyl Island (Federal Reserve Act of 1913). Also, look into who originally proposed the Bank Holiday of March, 1933 as recorded in the public papers of Hoover during his last day in office. It wasn't Roosevelt, it was who he worked for. ;)

    In the end, it doesn't matter who opposes this corrupt legislation. Those people can be easily extinguished, bribed, blackmailed (hiya Ted *hic* Kennedy), and conned. Politicians are easily controllable when the money is not their own. Vladmir Lenin knew this. The Rothschilds know this. From the microcosm which is national policy, extending out to the macrocosm of global conquest, the twins of duality known as "democracy" and "communism" have served their purpose brilliantly.

    Lord Milner....and even Moses Hess would be proud.
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