Paychecks reflect the stagnation.

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Cruisin Sloth, Feb 21, 2017.

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    Keeping ahead of the rate of inflation is paramount too. For the time span given, nearly 25% of any income gains have been offset by inflation.
    So if you made 50000 in 2006, you now need to bring in 62500 just to keep even. Not good for many folks...
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    To be in the top 8% of household income you need $150,000/yr. this is perfectly achievable for a dual income upper middle class family. 2 working professionals making decent salaries will put you in this range.
    Household income in the United States - Wikipedia

    I do not consider myself wealthy by any stretch of the imagination.
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    OK So im way below that figure & only one working , My wife works on the ranch , twice as hard & no pay , so 75G , Nope.
    Im seeing all these increases & not even close to a 2-3% pay increase . User fees plus , All have a fee , but interest is ZIP
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    Sloth has nailed this. The majority of people work for $10/hr working 2 part time jobs with no benefits. Let's say ty hey average 60 hrs a week.
    10x60= 600 weekly
    Or 30k a year
    No paid vacation or sick leave.

    Most people went from full time jobs in 2008 to 2 part time jobs with obummer care causing additional downsizing by converting full time job to 2 part time jobs.

    So 2 ppl working 60 hrs a week leaves no time for children and family car. It will provide 60k a year but at what cost?
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    A big problem is the destruction of american manufacturing through excess government regulation and poor trade deals. The hourly operators here start at over $20/hr so the entire plant is part of the middle class. The problem is even though we have almost 3000 people here we cannot employ the entire community. Wait list for getting even an interview for an hourly position os over 1.5 years long. Now if you are skilled trades wth papers it is much shorter. It is HARD to find qualified millwrights and electricians.
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