Pearl Harbor Survivor dies at Veterans Day Ceremony...

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    Sail On, Sir...Thank you for your Service...

    Veteran Who Survived Pearl Harbor Dies During Veterans Day Ceremony

    WEST BEND, Wis. -- A World War II veteran who survived the bombing of Pearl Harbor collapsed and died during a Veterans Day ceremony in Washington County.

    John Weinberger, 85, collapsed Tuesday morning as he stood at the county's Historical Society's Veterans Memorial.

    Relatives said they were shocked by his death, but they drew comfort from knowing he died surrounded by his fellow veterans

    Joyce Lex said her father was a true veteran who was very patriotic and loyal to his country. She said she'll remember his sense of humor and his resiliency.

    Weinberger was one of two Washington County veterans who survived the Pearl Harbor attack.

    In 2006 he returned to Hawaii to place a wreath 50 yards away from where he stood that day aboard the USS Whitney.
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    God bless.
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    RIP served your country with honor and pride and we thank you for your service.........God Bless You.......[angel]
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    RIP Sir, Thank you for your service. God Bless.
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    That generation is amazing, some of the least complaining, put up with hardship and just get it done reguardless of the cost people i know. I feel fortunate i have know a few.

    God bless them and God Speed
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    RIP Sir.

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    Thank you for your service. RIP
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    Sail on Brother.
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