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  1. wastelander

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    Well, this may not apply to most of you but still.
    Since I live in a country where firearms are very restricted I only have three rifles ,one shotgun
    and a handgun and a long drive to the range to get some practice, so I bought me a pellet "carbine" type shooter a few years ago.
    It's really nice to be able to shoot out in the yard I must say, and it's great to take out rabbits and the blackbirds who are spreading the trash from the bin out on the yard.
    My kid's got a break barrel variant for x-mas about the same time and it's fun shooting up cans with him also.
    The shooter I got wasn't the cheapest, but it felt alot like my main rifle I thought when I got it and Im very happy with it.

    Pros if you ask me: legal anywhere, accurate up to say 50 yards, powerful enough to put some food on the table, quiet, fun and practically free ammo (500 pellet for $10 roughly in Sweden and I pump with a hand pump)

    A Benjamin Marauder PCP-pistol in .22 with shoulder stock

    What's your experiences with pellet rifles?
    aaaaaasquirell. prod.
  2. ghrit

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    I've had some backyard fun with my Gamo. Plenty accurate to about 25 yards that I can keep a small veggie can on a string swinging. [beer]
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    There have been some good post on this subject. Try the search feature for some older posts. If that does not work we will go to plan B.
  4. ghrit

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    Ricdoug, in wayback times, had threads on the subject. You can find him and his posts with the member search.

    Thanx, Mm, I'd forgotten.
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