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    I get these bulletins from Lyod's every day and often the news doesn't get around to it for a while. This particular incident, I believe will have considerable long-term impact on our country. Please be on the alert!
    London, Sep 13 -- A press report, dated today, states: At least five major auto plants in Mexico shut down yesterday after explosions yesterday cut off natural gas supplies. A leftist group claimed responsibility for the blasts. The explosions in the eastern state of Veracruz severed supplies to companies in 11 of Mexico's 32 states, and more than 2,500 businesses may suffer severe harm, the National Manufacturing Industry Chamber said. Besides automakers, steel, glass, food and cement makers were most affected with the chamber estimating production losses at $100 million a day. These auto plants were affected by the pipeline attacks: Chrysler LLC's plant in Toluca, outside Mexico City, was closed yesterday and could be idled for up to five days. "We have temporarily halted operations at our Toluca facility where we make the PT Cruiser for the U.S. market," said Michele Tinson, a spokeswoman for Chrysler. "The plant has about 2,400 employees who work two shifts." GM's Silao Assembly and Toluca Assembly plants were closed indefinitely. Silao, which builds the Chevy Silverado, Chevy Avalanche, Suburban, GMC Sierra and the Cadillac Escalade EXT for the Mexican and U.S. markets, produces about 20,000 vehicles a month. The plant is also the sole source for the Avalanche and the Escalade EXT. Toluca Assembly makes about 1,000 Silverado and Kodiak trucks a month. "We have no timetable for the restoration of production," said Tom Wickham, a spokesman for GM. "The information we're getting from the federal government in Mexico is that repairs have already started. The priority is they have to get service restored for hospitals and homes. And then they'll turn their attention to getting businesses up." Wickham added that he didn't expect to see much of an impact on the U.S. market as a result of the bombings. "We have ample supply in the pipeline, and we're optimistic that the federal government will get lines up quickly," he said. Ford halted operations at its Cuautitlan plant yesterday. "Right now, our Cuautitlan plant has been shut down due to the lack of natural gas," said Octavio Navarro, a spokesman for Ford in Mexico. "We don't know when operations will come back online. It all depends on when the pipelines are restored." The Cuautitlan plant produces the Ford Ikon and F-Series trucks primarily for the Mexican market. Volkswagen AG will suspend production at its sprawling car factory outside the central city of Puebla. The Popular Revolutionary Army, or EPR, claimed responsibility for the Tuesday attacks on the pipelines. The group said it placed 12 explosive charges along gas ducts operated by government-owned Petroleos Mexicanos, or Pemex, according to a statement posted to a web site that tracks rebel groups. (See issue of Sep 13.)
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    what no corporate security forces to guard the pipeline?
    thanks for the free intel, heard on fox: uaw negotiated something to help the big u.s. makers here...
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    The foreign news services are filled with reports about this but there is almost no mention of it here at all. There is hundreds of millions lost each day to an auto industry that is already faltering even though they out-sourced production to a sweat-shop, Wall-street and the other markets are freaking out. Futures on NG have gone out the roof. More illegals fleeing the area for guess where? 32 Mexican states without the NG to run their refrigerators, industries, or the cook-stove? And Fox news briefly mentions it a day or so later; no big deal.
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