Pennies and Nickles again

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by gunbunny, Feb 16, 2012.

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  2. Nickles still have some metal that has some value in them, pennys, not so much.

    I believe holding gold and silver speci is the best hedge.

    If things go completely fugazi then needles, and fish hooks are two of my barter items. DD plans on selling washable ladies supples and DS plans on owning the rat on stick franchise.

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    So our last Canadian Budget just came down. 2012\03\30

    Beside all the lip flapping of how were doing such a great job of finding more workers to pay less !@#$.. Ya,,BUT there are phasing out the Penny . The Nickel has been minted in steel alloy anodized since 2009 for both countries , the Ni Nickle has been removed because of cost to make stainless steel ..

    The Penny ,, BIG $$$$ here folks ,, Remember Grandpa or Mum & Dad (depends on age) that if you look after the pennys , the dollars will add up..

    So if your a 7.5% tax @ the store that will always end in a $.00 amount of cents. So are they going to round up the % and then round down the amount at .03 = 0 OR are they going to round UP the % plus round up the .03 to 5Cents ..

    Huge amount of coin 2 bills .. and less in your pocket.

    About the Mint ^^^^ making of coins.

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    I don't want to give the wrong impression, I never stated or implied that you will get rich off of nickles. That would take some serious space to store the amount of needed Constantan in the form of Nickles.

    What I do mean, is that sometime soon, they are going to stop making nickles out of coppro-nickle (Constantan) and make them from something else. This is a good time to save nickles back, as it would entail little sacrifice to hold them back from circulation as you get them. At some point in the future, our CHILDREN would be able to profit a little bit from them.

    Like when Quarters were changed from 90% silver to 70%, then on to silver clad. The people that were saving them were able to reap a good profit from them after a decade or two. I know people that have 5 gallon buckets (plural) full of pre '64 quarters.

    Again, I am not saying to expect a profit margin like silver, but we are given an oportunity a little like the people had back in 1965. If you have the space and want to save some back while you can, then great. If not, don't worry about it.
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    Money makes the world go around.......

    Australia gave away circulating 1cent and 2cent cupro nickel coins almost two decades ago. Many said it would be the end of the world, but generally it wasn't. Retailers structure their prices so that they get a small advantage on single customer purchases, but it pretty well evens itself out at the grocery checkout for multiple purchases.

    One and two dollar notes have been withdrawn from circulation for quite a few years and were replaced by "gold" coins which cut down on production costs because their service life was very much longer than plastic banknotes, which have a much longer life than paper banknotes.

    "Money" - Liza Minnelli, Joel Grey - YouTube

    Pink Floyd - Money (Official Music Video) - YouTube
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    Well if the SHTF can we melt them and make bullets out of them? Any other useful items, i.e. patch a pot with a hole in it?
  7. TheEconomist

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    Post 1982 pennies are mostly zinc.

    Pre-1965 US quarters and dimes are 90% silver and very worthwhile to melt down.

    don't know if this helps
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    I was just wondering if nickles could be melted down to make bullets? I am collecting them but I like to know if I have multiple uses for my prep items. Could we take snips then file them real sharp and make them into tips for arrows?
  9. TheEconomist

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    "Wartime Nickels" (mid-1942 to 1945):
    I know that there are nickel plated casings that can be made. They are billed as non-corrosive. The copper could be used to make solid projectiles I think. I am NO metallurgists though.
  10. bgner

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    Thanks Economist!
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