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  1. overbore

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    For those who do not get it, this tid- bit came across last night: Congress ( now there is a group of loosers) , is going to vote this week to change our (expensive) copper pennies back to steel-alloy junk like WW-2. For those who doubt the impending inflation "problems", watch and learn. Overbore
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    In Canada pennies haven't been made from real copper since about 1997 as memory serves.... pennies aren't going to kill your already fragile American dollar..... the economy will do that to itself. It wasn't that long ago that the Canadian dollar was worth way LESS than US$, now its pretty much par.
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    It cost $.02 to make a penny and $.07 to make a nickel, I'm all for it. Anything that might make bullets cheaper, I'm for.
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    Our pennies have not been made with copper since the early "80s, they have been copper plated zinc. What I want to know is what will our "Unkle" make them from when steel becomes too cost prohibitive.
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  6. overbore

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    The House did vote, Friday, to make both pennies and nickels out of the new governmental metal "promisorium". This alloy is 50% BS, 25% crap and 25% junk ; the good news is, however, the junk metal is too valuable to include in the mixture---[ROFL] Overbore
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    Figure they will switch over to plastic coins just like the other monopoly money before to long...that is IF they continue to issue currency rather than just switch to exclusively electronic credits stored on your debit card and ban physical money use so they can track ALL expenditures more easily.
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