Pentagon Proposes Controversial Policy Assigning Ranks To Military Spouses

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chelloveck, Nov 26, 2014.

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    Was told , oh so many years ago, if the Corpe wanted you to have a wife you would have been issued one from supply! Well, with the experiences I have had with the evident hard use of the gear I had been issued from supply, I would have serious questions as to what street corner the wife would have been requisitioned from... No disrespect intended!!
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    Glad I read the comments below the article. Having known a few military wives the article is almost believable as truth.
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    I dated an ex military wife, her ex was a air force para-rescue guy and and was always on temporary assignment. She drove his commander crazy. She told me so. She was a bitchy one alright, thought her looks trumped everything
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    Nothing trumps Bitchyness...:rolleyes:
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    Beauty fades, but bitch is forever.
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    Many of the Officer Corp Wives, do take their Husband's Position in the status among the Wives of the other Officers of the Unit..... It is an Officer Corp thing, rather than an NCO, or Grunt, thing.... These Wives, marry into the Service, and grow into these things, as their Husband's Career progresses. There is a "Classic" case of this, depicted in the Movie "We were Soldiers" about the 7th Cav. while in Vietnam Deployment, and how the Commanders Wife organized all the other Officer's Wives into a Support Group, for Families of the Unit....
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    Mom was a fine naval officers wife, given that she married him when he was only a young machinist mate.. Fond memories of her, who now resides at the Veterans cemetary outside Kona HI.. Don't think she would have approved of the actions of those wives...
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    Mustangers were always the best.
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