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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dragonfly, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. dragonfly

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    I recently had contact with 2 couples and I was a bit dismayed by their latest responses....

    1 couple still has children in school...
    They have an need for an easy access to and from a school, that is located nearby....( school bus stop?)
    They want paved roads...
    They have a need for electric (aka: grid) utilities....
    They want either a well or water from the city....
    They want a place that is isolated, a distance away from the traffic and towns/cities....But not that far.
    What they want does NOT exist!
    You cannot have paved roads and no one travels down them...
    It's like the old saying: "you cannot have your cake and eat it too"!

    Then the second couple have a need to get to and from a local college in northern Arizona. They too have nearly identical needs, desires, and wants, as the first couple.
    They want isolation, BUT they want it their way!
    They do NOT want to be far from a town/city, but yes they do!
    They want to be off grid, but NO, they don't.
    They want a Utopian situation where they can have it all, but on their terms, which are ludicrous.
    How can you be isolated, but still have the utilities, nicely paved roads, easy access, short distances and travel times, to get to the nearest grocery and hardware stores, and schools?

    I am confused!
    You either live out and away from a populated area, and live OFF GRID and so on and so forth, OR, you don't!
    Maybe I've missed something?

    I feel that FAR TOO MANY have watched or read too many fictional accounts of survival, that now they have a WARPED sense of reality.
    The past few people that have contacted me have always (* without fail) made reference to JWR's "Patriots" novel.
    They quote it, as if it were some strange and holy religous text.
    I am constantly asked "have you read it"? "Do you have a copy"?
    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, it is NOT all that they seem to portray it as. It is NOT the first and last word, when it comes to survival.
    It's a NOVEL. Period.

    My personal feelings are that you cannot put all your eggs into one basket and to trust infallibly upon one fictional novel, is just asking for trouble.
    What I have discovered over the past few years is amazing...Not one person that grew upon a farm, a ranch, or spent a good deal of time out in the woods or wilds, have much use for someone else's idea of what to do and how, when it comes down to survival. They already have an idea, formed by "living the life".

    It's mostly the "converts" from the cities, that for one reason or another, one day out of the blue, decided to become "preppers" or "survialists".
    Now that may have been born out of common sense, or frustrations, or even fear.....Some do this simply as they now VIEW the whole thing as being "trendy".
    Like some sort of a "Pop Culture".
    They just "Don't Get It"!
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  2. pmbug

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    Hedging bets. Not everyone has the conviction to go all in at the poker table of life.
  3. Nadja

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    Myself (and wife) bitch about the old cow trails we have to drive on, but then reality creeps up and kicks us both in the rear ends. Paved roads only bring more people and especially the party type. We have lived here 16 years , and only hear a car or truck a couple of times aday. Even when our girls come from commiefornia to visit, they are truly scared at nights when they venture outside and it is quiet and dark. I of course tell them to not go to far as the bears and badgers might get em' LOL

    When I see a headlight or hear a car at night, I really pay attention as to where they are going. Alica who lives another two miles down the dirt road ususally is lumbering up the road at 7am and comes home in late afternoon. That is about it.

    As soon as the road gets paved, the idiots will come.
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  4. melbo

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    I don't find this unreasonable:
    I like water
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  5. Falcon15

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    Uh, a well would suit me fine, water from the city ties me to a grid.
  6. STANGF150

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    I want a long ass driveway, that goes to a poorly paved backroad that goes to another poorly paved backroad that goes to a main road that goes to a small town. Sorry, don't want no dang part of any cities in any shape or form!!! Cities could better be known as Sheep Pens Fulla Sheeple!!! Dun want even close when they stampede!!!

    An yeah, be nice if that long ass driveway crossed a deep creek or stream, then I could have a DrawBridge!!! [peep]
  7. beast

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    lol, id like a nice place on another planet
    then id feel totally sure id be safe
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  8. Gray Wolf

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    Got it all except for the drawbridge! The directions to my place include "go to the end of the pavement, then turn left".
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  9. VisuTrac

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    I got plans to turn my road into a 'cull d sack' when the time comes.

    Amazing what 500# of Calcium chloride will do when placed over a road in a swamp. Especially when the road commission is no longer got fuel to run their graders, plows, etc.

    It will no longer be a through road for anything less than a Hydrofoil.

    Dragonfly, What i think you need is someone that wants to be a property manager as opposed to a 'caretaker'.
  10. gunbunny

    gunbunny Never Trust A Bunny

    A drawbridge would be great! Every time I'm driving and pass by a few properties that could benefit from a drawbridge, I make sure I comment to the wife. Normally she's with me 99%, but the drawbridge idea is where she draws the line.

    I'd add a garage door opener remote to it, too.
  11. Cephus

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    As do mine ,then go all the way up the hill till ya can't go any more !! You'll see were we live ,walk the rest of the way !! (y)
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