People's Republik of New Jersey at it again....

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CaboWabo5150, May 7, 2014.

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    I've said it before. I will not be parted from mine.
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    Well I could rant and rave or I could calmly point out why I think this is wrong. All I can think of are those missing girls in Nigeria. Nigerians have allowed their gov't to disarm them. These parents are helpless to protect their children from these rebels. These rebels have been attacking villages etc... and all the citizens can do is fight them off with sticks and such. I don't think that the liberal mind can see the consequences of disarmament. They cannot correlate disarming citizens and these kidnapped girls. They just can't because well, we have laws.... This situation in Nigeria is a prie example of bad guys not following the laws. We see the people begging other countries to help them, why because they allowed them selves to be disarmed.

    Now NJ has deemed the basic good old fashion .22 as a bad gun. Didn't every kid plink away on the family .22? I just wonder what Jersey is thinking. They have quite the criminal element. Do they not read history? Do they really think the Jersey bad guys are going to follow their gun laws. And when did a .22 become such an evil thing? I have never thought of a .22 as an assault firearm.
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    Mom - I love you like a sister but the biggest problem with your statements above are due to logic. You see, you have some and those those that think they know better refuse to entertain it.
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