Perfect Bang-Flop!

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    My 14 year old son shot his first "rifle collected" deer last weekend! Boy is he one happy young man! He shot a 7 pt. buck weighing around 100 lbs, with his .243. Range was 79 paces -approx. 70 yds-. We field dresses him in the wind and some sprinkles of rain, then headed home I resisted the temptation to smear some blood on his face, as with my luck we'd have been stopped by a bored SWAT team.

    We got home late, and hanged the buck in the tree to cool over night and processed him the next morning. The neighborhood kids all have fathers that hunt, but it seemed like they and all the others came to watch. It was like working in a herd of chimps. We're tanning the hide, as he wants it to throw on his bed for decoration. Hogs are next!

    Those 100 gr. Win. Power Points do a lot of damage, and we lost almost an entire shoulder to bloodshot meat. I need to find something less explosive, any suggestions?

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