Perfect Forward Security.... Coming soon to a iPhone neat you.....

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    In surveillance era, clever trick enhances secrecy of iPhone text messages
    A security researcher has developed a technique that could significantly improve the secrecy of text messages sent in near real time on iPhones. The technique, which will debut in September in an iOS app called TextSecure, will also be folded into a currently available Android app by the same name.
    The cryptographic property known as perfect forward secrecy has always been considered important by privacy advocates, but it has taken on new urgency following the recent revelations of widespread surveillance of Americans by the National Security Agency. Rather than use the same key to encrypt multiple messages--the way, say PGP- and S/MIME-protected e-mail programs do--applications that offer perfect forward secrecy generate ephemeral keys on the fly. In the case of some apps, including the OTR protocol for encrypting instant messages, each individual message within a session is encrypted with a different key.

    and Bye the Bye.... There is a NEW Release of GPG Suite for the Mac OS.....
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    of course there will be a list of everyone who purchase that app. Just so you don't miss out on your dose of Special High Intensity Targeting.
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