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    An opinion on gun control « Monster Hunter Nation

    Honestly, after reading this and having already come to many (but not all) of the same conclusions.. I have to say that I over thought the problem. Most likely because we tend to do that when we don't have experience in a certain area. This man's experience trumps mine significantly and I mean that on the order of x10000.

    I encourage you all to read and pass it along..
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    Yes he is worth listening to and gives some worthwhile points to use in discussions with the gun control crowd.
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    I will be visiting his blog more often :)
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    Yesterday I had a conversation with a fellow sportsman. Fisherman mostly, but he used to hunt. He has a young wife, and quite frankly I doubt she allows him any guns in the house. There are no children, unless you count her.
    He objects to AR platform rifles as they serve no purpose except the taking of human lives. My first response to him was along the lines of the second amendment having nothing to do with sporting purposes, but instead about holding the line on governmental tyrany, and that assault weapons were what the military uses and that citizens and patriots should be allowed to own, and that further more that he was wrong and that semi auto AR platform rifles were being used quite often and more and more in a vast array of hunting situations. He scoffed at that, and rather than lose my temper, I withdrew.
    This article was available to me in a very timely manner. I sent him a personal email picking up on our prior conversation. I hope he reads this article at least through the assault rifle portion.
    I also picked up the torch that I dropped as I withdrew yesterday, and told him he was flat out wrong about the AR platform rifles having no use in the sport hunting arena. I told him I would gladly clip and provide 10, 20, 30, or more relevant recent hunting articles where these weapons were being used to hunt varmits from prairie dogs to groundhogs to fox and coyotes, as well as deer and antelope in callibers other than .223, and even hogs in a .50 version
    This article may or may not convince him. I made the effort. I would not vote for this individual for public office. He has to many flaws. Even more than me. Oh well.
    Thanks for providing the article and posting it here.
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    Just a follow up to my post #4. The male head of household I sent the linked thread starter to quickly responded in a day or two after I forwarded it to him. He was polite, but bottom line he held on to his position that weapons such as AR platforms had no reasonable sporting use and he would have no problem having them banned. It was a, you have a right to your opinion, I have a right to mine, we will have to agree to disagree email.
    Now get this, ..... it's really rich.
    His young wife has been scared by something and he sent me a second email. Here is what he said.
    Do you know anyone that has an AR or Mac or Tech or Core for sale at a reasonable price? We are thinking about getting one, just for home protection, and future investment,
    Here was my response.
    LOL, now you are just pulling my leg right? Your timing actually sucks! Weapons that were selling for $600 to $750 before Nov 7th 2012 are now around $1400 to $2000. No Joke! Not only that but Ammo is again scarce, and up in price.
    I would suggest a Ruger 10-22 for her and a Remington 870 Express Pump Shotgun in 12 gauge for you. These are two of the most popular prepper/survivalist weapons for home defense. They will not lose their value. They will always be in demand. They are still available at fairly reasonable prices. You should have thought of this and asked a year ago. Sorry, sad but true. I could have steered you to a good deal.
    One other note. All gunshops I have been near are doing a brisk business. No one has to have sale prices on anything to move the guns off the shelves. They are getting MSRP and higher. Handguns are also going fast. Just sayin'
    Pluckets in NXXXXXy, their subsiderery store on US4XX south of XXXXXXXX on right well before you get to MXXXXX (Plucket's can give you the name and directions), and AXXX (main street in AXXX just before the railroad tracks on right) are probably your best bets in this area for finding something you might want.
    last transmission, over and out ............. lol
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    I've printed out that blog and handed it to a few folks who give me grief, as well as emailed it to a few others. So far no one has had any kind of response beyond a surly glare.

    Facebook pages for local gun sales are popping up right and left. On the one for my area there's a guy hawking three "CI GP 1975 AK-47" for $850 each, another one offering his AR for $25,000 and telling everyone who argues what they can do with their opinion, someone else with a "rock river .223" for $10,000. and then an older model Mini 14 with all the tacticool add ons for $1050. LOTS of junk offered for too much, and selling.
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    If my old friend bothers to buy a 22 semi auto and a 12 ga pump and some ammo, I will offer to run them both thru an indoctrination course on my range. I will use e sillhouette targets and stress upper 1/2 center of mass quick hits for him, and nothing but head shots for her. I will stress the neccessary head shots as we all know body armor is not all that hard to come by.
    who knows maybe I can steer this couple to the road to survival.
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    Same here with people I know.. no responses.
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    This guy is excellent.
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    This was a great read, thanks for posting it. We should all share the link with other sites and forums we visit.
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    I tried calling Glenn Beck this morning, I didn't get through so I had to hang up. They were griping about the distraction of a fiscal cliff..what ever. So I hung up and I emailed stu this afternoon to get this guy, Karl Denninger and Stefan Molyneux on the show. A triplet of logical analysis that the liberals will not be able to defend.
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