Perhaps a new database that kills privacy ?

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by hartage, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. hartage

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    I have a bit of disturbing news though that I'm sure many won't like. I just read it from either popular science or popular mechanics. 12 major banks and major hotels are using an interesting facial recognition weapon. They digitize EVERYONES face that goes into their banks and across their cameras. All of the data is stored. If you ever were to cash in a fake check or have any sort of trouble they can do a few things. One is instantly know where and when you have entered their banks and what transaction happened. They can also flag your digitized facial signature so when you come in next the bank is alerted. ffice:eek:ffice" /><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com[​IMG]

    The same technology can be used to say go through all the youtube videos or any stored video or still picture for that matter to see who is who. Every major freeway has cameras pointed at you. Drive through any city and you have been in front of dozens upon dozens of cameras. Disturbing no ?
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    I have no dought that they are working on things like this and as they get better at it then it will only spread. All that I can say is come on peak oil. :mad:

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    Isn't technology great. No escaping big brother.
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    IMHO the key to organizing this all this loose data is the national I.d..
    Once you get assigned one number then you can get a file and all the data on you ends up in one place, until then its just random recordings fragmented in hundreds of systems.That is until somebody takes an interest in you and links all the data by searching.Worst part once you have that number, and you need it for "buying and selling" Any bureaucrat or authority in the chain can make you a non-person by screwing up (intentionally or otherwise) a few digits. Like living with your head in a noose standing on an unstable chair?
    I DON'T.taser1
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    It's the end game. We are closing on the final days and eventually will end up as cattle. Only a few are doing anything to slow it down and it is pathetic. I have a gps tracker in my company truck now and at our last meeting was told that firearms would no longer be tolerated on company property. I pointed out that there had been no incidents involving miss-use of firearms but that on one occasion, I was robbed by bandits while unarmed and twice, had aborted attempted piracy by having a gun at work. My final answer was that the State allows me to carry and if they don't want my gun on their property, then I won't go on their property.
    I put a potato chip bag over the gps and found out that a 200mw laser will in fact, fry a security camera. I am going to pay off my mortgage this year and fall off the screen.
  6. Tango3

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    damn fine idea; and a bold comitted step (action).
    you'd think with your evidence of the need to protect co,. property and people they'd at least employ(contract) a bonded armed security force.
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    There are gps jammers out there for cheap. It throws out a signal that steps on the gps satelite signal (very weak to begin with). The gps unit will simply fail to get a fix when the jammer is turned on around it. Jammer stays with you so as soon asa the gps unit gets close to you it fails to work. No obvious mylar bag around it either (sabotage) it will just fail to get a fix as long as you are around it.

    There are also cheap cell phone jammers that will jam all 3 known cell frequencies (analog and digital). There are small little battery powered units that will jam just around you to a unit that has a 75 meter range.

    As far as your gun is concerned maybe going to a very concealed belt buckle gun. Smaller caliber but can hide in plain sight.
  8. Tango3

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    Though I 'd like a cell jammer,
    IIRC the FCC frowns on interfereing with "communications"
  9. hartage

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    I didn't say it was legal. Just that they are available and cheap. Do the ebay search for cell blocker. Blocks (GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS/3G) about 2-40 feet around you (smallest unit) built in rechargables last 3-4 hrs.

    Range is tiny just around you so unlikely to get the attention of fcc.
  10. <exile>

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    Here's the next version of software that will tap into the vast repository of data.
  11. Evenglischatiest

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    I can see it now...

    So, what are you in for?
    I killed 7 people, and ate their livers. How about you?
    I put a Dorritos bag around my cell phone.
  12. hartage

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    Quite disturbing video. Sad thing is that it might not be that far away or far from an accurate prediction.
  13. Tango3

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