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    Perpetual Soup — Nourished Kitchen

    How to Make Slow Cooker Bone Broth

    I am making the Perpetual soup right now. I opted to roast the chicken first (for browning) then put in pot.

    In the small pot I have onions, celery, carrots, parsley, and thyme for use when the meat is done.

    This ladies family that does this says they each drink a quart of the soup daily.

    I will let you know how it works out. I really love broth.


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    Don't tend to drink the broth, but it is the basis of so many other meals, use instead of water with beans or rice to improve the flavor and increase the nutrition, use for a soup base or all your soups, drink it like a tea with a little sea weed or other oriental flavoring or make one of the oriental light soups, use it with oriental noodles and no salt to make ramen noodle meals that are actually good for you. The possibilities are nearly endless. Thank you for the post.
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    @pearlselby that looks amazing. Lots of good chunky vegetables and filling but not fattening. Love it. That is very much like the soup I make, except my broth comes from bullion. I need to make broth this way.

    I always make some orzo for the kids to put in their soup if they want. Some do, some don't.
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    duane, I just saw the survivial soup that Motomom34 posted and I said this broth or soup would be perfect for that. Thank you for the endless ideas.
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    I love ORZO too. It is like a rice
    When my meat is done, I will make the rice for it. Thank you for another idea.
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    That would be like jook.
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    Day 2 100_4394.JPG

    I am on my 3rd root beer glass of soup. It is the best broth ever. My little Cajun loves it too. We put it on the dogs' daily dish and they nearly ate the bowl.

    Be sure to strain it (second pic) when pouring in the glass or cup. Then put the strained part back in the soup.


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    Darn, I thought I did a thumbnail on all three.
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  11. pearlselby

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    Day 4 (It looks the same and Day 3)
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    I just don't know about simmering a meat product for a week. Looked done to me on day 2. Did you eat any today?
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    Yes, we all did @Motomom34. We put some on the pups food too.
    I have it on low. This is how it is done according to the recipe. It smells better today than yesterday.

    I thought the same thing (a week?) and had put off starting it. I can remember my Grandmother having the big square pot going all the time.

    Perpetual Soup — Nourished Kitchen

    Do you think there could be a problem?

    Is perpetual bone broth safe?

    In this article down in the replies, the lady brings hers to a boil everyday. I have been doing that too after I add more water.



    Nance 37217 · February 09, 2012 at 6:07 PM

    Most of my bone broth stews take closer to 2 weeks than one to finish.

    I strongly disagree with andrew about "I can't see there being much flavour or nourishment by the end of the week!" because the stew gets yummier and yummier and I scrape the final bits out of the pot with relish.

    My large batch of stew winds up in 2 glass keepers in the fridge. I eat out of them alternately, re-heating my portion in a skillet with gentle heat while I eat fruit and a salad. If they last a week (they usually do) I give whatever's left at the one-week point a brief boil and 15-minute simmer and it goes back into the fridge, perhaps in one keeper. During the second week, I tend to add new vegetables to the re-heated portions but the meat and veggies in the "old" part only taste better to me with the additions.

    It boils down to what you like. I like stews with lots of different vegetables, some barely cooked and some cooked to within an inch of their lives. Since I greedily drink and eat the whole thing and totally thrive on it I don't believe for a minute that it's either nutritionally exhausted or unsafe.

    Note: When I put my finished stew into the keepers, the bones are already gone. I always slow-cook the bones and gristle and remove the clean bones before adding any vegetables. Any small bits of bone that remain are so soft that I just chew them up and eat them.
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    It is a mental thing. We have been conditioned and taught to put food away promptly yet back in the day, they simmered stuff for days and were fine. Probably healthier. As someone said, do this stuff now, learn to prepare and experiment while healthcare is available in case you food poison yourself. Better to learn this stuff now then post-SHTF.
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  15. pearlselby

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    Day 6.JPG

    Day 6 and we all ate 2 pints. I added filtered water and brought to boil like I do everyday.

    You are right, Motomom34, we have been taught to put everything in the Like you, I remembered my Grandmas pot going all the time and how good the broth tasted after we came in from playing outside.
    You make an excellent point on experimenting with it while we have healthcare. I had not thought of it that way. My husband cracked up when I told him that. Good thinking!!!

    I added (1 tsp.) turmeric a couple of days ago and put in a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. The vinegar draws out the marrow from the bones. I also threw in some cleaned eggs shells where I had made boiled eggs. That was in one of the articles.

    Tomorrow I will post a pic of the dogs eating what is left. Then I will start again. I did worry about getting tired of it. But, I seem to feel more energy and my insides feel better. One of those articles I posted said it had detox value. I am here to tell you it works. I have been cleaning walls and dusting like crazy.
    It tastes better each day. Earlier I had put it on high to bring to boil and forgot about it. It started smelling so good hubby went to investigate. He hollered at me to say it was boiling. I asked him to put it back on low. He said wow, it smells good.
    One of the girls in the article said she just keeps adding to hers week after I think I will stick to the 7 days.
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    Week 2 Day 1

    I have 2 chickens in the oven. I am going to make lots of chicken salad to take to church . I will only use the chicken carcass this broth left ob 7h day.JPG chciken bones.JPG what was left.JPG Pup 1 eating.JPG this weeks veggies.JPG onions and carrots for the soup.JPG two chickens.JPG

    I added 1 tsp. turmeric and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the filtered water in pot. Also, 2 bay leaves.
    I did put salt, rosemary, parsley, thyme, cayenne, black pepper, & lemon black pepper on the chickens.

    pup 2 eating.JPG

    Sorry one pic got past me.
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    @pearlselby I baked the chicken then like the article said, attacked it like a piranha. It is now in the crock pot. I The slush pile that went in to the crock pot was ick but I know it will turn out wonderful. I threw in some spinach and kale also because I was making a smoothie and thought why not.

    So far:
    DSCN1349.JPG DSCN1350.JPG
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    WOW Beautiful!! That kale and spinach looks so nice in your veggies.!!
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    Look at all the uses for chicken
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  20. Kingfish

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    Awesome post, Ill be doing this with Rabbit carcasses and Deer bones from now on.
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