persistant ninja....

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    [LMAO] [LMAO]
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    gonna try this again...

    "Buns of Steel" [applaud]
  4. TailorMadeHell

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    That brings back a weird memory that I can't go into for sake of mixed company. Haha. I like soft, not like a brick wall. Sheesh. [LMAO]
  5. CRC

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    This is one of those times I really really hate dial up.....:mad:
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    for the streaming impaired: Sorry"C";
    OkayMacho shirtless karate dude has his partner holding two pine boards...
    he makes a big proces of psyching up his chi and lining up his forehead

    ,123heeyaw!! smacks his forehead into the boards,nothing, shakes it off castigates his partner "do not to move! your moving man!"123 heeyaw smack,123 heeyaw,no effect so he tries punching 123 heeyaw ouch...shakes it off, no effect..etc,etc,...
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