Personal Experience with gun sales during the current pandemic.

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by wideym, Mar 27, 2020.

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    I have been helping out at a local gunshop for several years now. Mainly cleaning, inspecting, function testing, repairing, sending firearms to manufacturers for warranty repair, and test firing as needed. I also work the front counter, call in 4473's, type receipts, run credit/debit cards, and show customers various firearms and ammo.

    Last week a couple of the employees had to stay home due to family members who are chronically ill and would certainly die if they contracted Covid 19. I came in to help keep the gunshop open and have been working open to close every day this week and will probably have to do it next week as well. I is kinda nice to make some money towards my layaways.

    Monday 4473 calls were a minimum of 3 hours just to get an agent and every time we were cut off at some point and had to start from zero. We had 9 forms waiting approval by close of business. There wasn't too much of a rush on guns, mainly people picking up layaways, but ammo sales were brisk. Mostly 9mm, .38 special, and .223.

    Tuesday was more of the same except that we got through early in the morning and cleared all of the 4473s that had piled up the day before. By noon the NICS line was back to being unusable. Guns were selling decently with a few layaway pickups, but mostly new sales. Ammo sales were still brisk with the only other caliber sold other than the day before were a few boxes of .40s&w.

    Wednesday the NICS system seemed to have improved greatly with only 20 minute wait times. Once again new gun sales were brisk with a two layaway pickups. Apparently we are the only gunshop in town with any 9mm ammo to be had. We pretty much sold out of all of the $9.95 boxes of FMJ and were quickly running out of the $19.95 boxes of hollowpoints.

    Thursday we had to break out the $12.95 a box FMJs 9mm (of which we have a dozen cases) and the $24.95 boxes of hollowpoints, in addition to bringing more .223 out of the powder room. We weren't limiting customers on how many boxes they could buy, just reminding them that they might be out of work soon and we would buy it back at 1/2 the price if they brought it back later. Things slowed down enough for me to catch up cleaning the dozen or so long guns in the back and repaired a Marlin model 60 that had been in the broke pile (test firing it to make sure) and putting it out for sale. We still sold seven guns though.

    So far we are selling mainly handguns and ammo. We have sold a few shotguns and AR-15s, but not as many as expected and only the cheapest ones.

    If the NICS goes down for an extended time, we are allowed to sell firearms to customers with an in state concealled carry permit, so that and ammo sales should keep us going for awhile.

    I almost forgot to mention that people selling us guns or trading them in has almost stopped with only six guns coming in as buys or trade in's since monday. That is well below what we see in a normal business week.
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    Haven't been to my LGS as the range is closed and as of now they are taking customers by appointment to keep the number at 5 or less and you have to know what it is that you are going to buy so no BSing with the staff.
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    First off,Let me be the first to congratulate you for not breaking $hit !!!
    Pretty much the same around here,Long approval waits or none at all.
    Local gun forum has a surge in new members ......Just cleaning out the safe type sales....Marked WAY up mind you.
    People are nutzs!
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    Out here on the Wet Coast of OryGun, the BGC system it completely overwhelmed/totally understaffed, and wait times have fluctuated between 600 at the lowest, to well over 3000 in Que! We use the Oregon State Politzi who run them electronically and they are supposedly Instant, though that's a relative term! I'm currently waiting @2 hours and was #887 at 10:30 Am, likely cleared hot ether later this after noon, or tomorrow morning! The time of day you were entered does seem to matter though, and the state has suspended CHL's going to the head of the line, so were doubly phucked!
    Ammo? What ammo, it's like post Sandy Hook round here, the first stuff to get clobbered was 9mm, 5.56, and .45 ACP, few days later all the rest got slaughtered, now there is almost nothing on the shelves, purchase limits, and scalping! About two days after the T.P.and bottled water grabs, the ammo got hit, and it's not slowing down! OryGun has broken every previous record for gun sales since it started keeping track thanks to Slick Willy and his AWB 94! I think we broke the single days record of ALL states, two days ago, with over 130,000 sales in a single day! Back when I did sales for a few months, the record for that years black friday was 39,000 and that was the old system that required a phone call! Not looking very good boys and girls!
    Normally I wouldn't have gotten into the middle of this with a purchase, but the gun is one of my Unicorns, and HAD to be purchased no matter the wait or the cost!
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    Today's sales were much like yesterdays with seven guns sold along with plenty of ammo. Once again, 9mm, .223, and 12 ga. being the most dominant. .22LR and 40s&w coming in a close second. We have been getting plenty of customers telling us that we are the only place in town that still has 9mm and other shops are sending them to us. We have seen a large influx of black customers in the store lately, mostly to buy ammo, but many see our low prices on handguns and buy those as well. The store is on the other side of town where most low income families live and to be frank most towns low income communities are minority. It is reassuring that even poor people want to protect themselves and an inexpensive gun is better than no gun at all. Or it could be that they just don't trust police much.

    Wait times for NICS have fallen drastically. They are back to pre-crisis levels with 10 minutes being the longest wait time today. I did earn enough this week to pick up one of my layaways. A like new, unfired in the box El Malo .45LC from Cimarron. If I work all next week too, i can afford to pick up the other Cimarron I have on layaway. 20200327_193257.
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    I use a Cimmaron .45LC Pistolero for fast draw competitions, looks just like the one you got as far as finish. Nice price and hasn't made me mad yet. :D
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    Can't expect any different in our West Coast political climate. It's a constant situation of Barbarians at the Gate, and they only have to breach our defenses once for us to lose it all. The only silver lining are those who thought they would never need a gun now realizing that they can't depend on the government to protect them. All those first time gun owners are finally getting a dose of reality regarding background checks and red tape. I hope the difference between the truth and the lies they are repeatedly told are not lost on them.

    • You mean it's against the law to loan me a gun (West Coast)? I've known you since grade school...
    • You mean I have to wait for a background check? They told me it was easier than buying a book.
    • You mean I can't buy it on the Internet and just have it shipped to my house?
    • Can't I just buy one at a gun show? They keep telling me about this "loophole" that has to be fixed. You mean there is no "loophole"?
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    People are getting stupid.
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    The truth hurts dosen't it!
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    Saturday is a half day of work, 8:30-2:00. Four gun sold and two layaways, plenty of 9mm FMJ and hollowpoints sold, but not much other ammo. Not too bad of a day except for one jackass who would cough right in front of me and not cover his mouth several times. I tried to be polite but firm that he needed to cover his mouth or step away from the counter. He responded with "It's okay, I'm not sick, I'm a smoker." The manager told him that he didn't care and that he need to move away from the counter. This must have incensed the jackass because he promptly left.
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    I'm not on the sales end, but I saw loads of new shooters with brand new guns. No clue how to lock the slide back, totally confused about the difference between #6 shot and #1 Buckshot and absolutely clueless of the effectiveness and limitations of their new home defense shotgun. Helpless when their uncleaned, dry gun jammed. Scopes mounted with the elevation turret at 9 o'clock. Shooting grass at 35 yards when their target is at 50. Shooting a whole magazine over the target with an AK because they had no idea how the rear sight was adjusted.

    I felt fortunate to have nobody shooting the wrong ammo for their firearm.

    I'm worn out.
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    For example I saw someone on Facebook that bought a "45 pistol" and bought 45-70 ammo for it.
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    Sounds like a lot of edumacation going on the @hot diggity .... Good for you...keep up the Good Work...
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    I’ll trade 45Acp straight across, round for round, for 45-70 ammunition....
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    I would trade them a box of snap caps that way everyone is safe.
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    I am still worried because my 'I don't think everyone needs a gun' (notice they are not completely anti-gun) friends have been asking which pistol / AR they should buy.

    The answer is a pump shotgun. mav88 mos500 rem870 if you really really have to have a gun.

    gotta suck living in the big city worried that your police department isn't minutes away anymore.
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    Yeah, Heard that one before and entirely with-in today's buyers !
    Edit or add on, Had one today wanted to text me sale prices on a particular beater I'm selling, I'm like find one brother and order it,Don't forget shipping,FFL fees and a nasty thing called taxes....Plus find some boolits.
    Another squirrel wanted to know if it was properly registered in the state?
    I informed then,We have NO registration in Louisiana unless its a special firearm like a full-auto....Crickets ?
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2020
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    Gun registration? This is how we do it here. Sounds wonderful when done right. "BBOOM!....................KKRUUMP!!! This, low flying MV-22 Osprey's and the rattle battle of MG's are my nightly music.

    The purpose of a registration is to determine firing data corrections that will correct for the cumulative effects of all nonstandard conditions. With these corrections applied to firing data, a unit can rapidly and successfully engage any accurately located target within the range of their cannons and have a first round FFE capability.

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