Personal Experience with gun sales during the current pandemic.

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by wideym, Mar 27, 2020.

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    Just wait until those $1200 checks hit! Katie, bar the door!
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    Saturday was a half day, but we sold ten guns and more ammo than we sold all week. Half to the guns were a mix of shotguns, bolt action rifles and two ARs. The rest were semiauto handguns. 9mm ammo was flying off the shelf with most people buying between 2-5 boxes although one guy bought a case, even though we only sold by the box not case. 40s&w, .45acp, .22lr, .223, and 12 gauge sold well also.

    The owner tentatively decided to close off the gunshop next week and set up just inside the door for people to pick up layaways and those who's background check has come through or the time requirement has expired and to sell ammo. That may change but for now no more random gun shoppers. He had me load up a cart with all the common caliber ammo so he wouldn't have to keep walking back and forth.

    He did give me a bonus for coming in full time for two weeks, which I appreciate but did not expect. I used it to pick a layaway at another shop. It's a CZ 75B Omega that is unfired in the box, sold used for $460. 20200404_201812[1].
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    I've been working about 5 hours in the afternoon all week since the doors are closed for casual shoppers. Been catching up on sorting the pile of broken guns and have been getting one fixed each day so far. Ordered parts to repair others, but it may take awhile for the parts to get shipped.

    We did have one guy sell us a Stoger pump shotgun today which was unusual since we haven't had anyone sell or trade in a gun for three weeks. We are low on 00 Buck shotgun shells (maybe 20 boxes left) and 9mm is down to five cases. Unfortunately, I put two more handguns in layaway, an FNS-9 and a CZ 97B. I can't seem to have less than 3 guns in layaway at any one time for some reason.

    Unless we open the doors for the public next week, I don't think I'll need to come in to the shop. I'm running out of things to get done.
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    I work at Rural King and we are now selling guns by appointment only. This is to keep down the number of people standing around waiting for their back ground checks, and just looking. Ammo sales are good, but limited due to supply and demand!
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