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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by RightHand, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. RightHand

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    One of my pet peeves (I have many, take your pick) is the misconception that the Constitution and Bill of rights grant the citizens of the United States general freedom and liberty. What those documents really do is limit an over zealous government. They put limits on what the government can do. I think that's what is so troubling about the constitutional disregard that is rampant today. The use of the Executive Order was originally intended as a means to speedy reaction to crisis when the house and senate could not be rapidly called into session. We have allowed the presidents to manipulate this tool and it has not been in our best interests. How do we stop it? How do you stop a speeding train with mere muscle and bone?
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    That's the problem with the Executive Privilege ball of wax -it's a freight train headed off a cliff. I have posted enough on the Emergency War Powers already, but it should also be known that the powers conferred to the President per USCA Title 12, S 95(b) by CONgress, can only be rescinded by Executive Order. Yup. True dictatorship.
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  4. techsar

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    Yup. The Bill of Rights grants absolutely no rights. It enumerates several God-given rights, but in itself does not grant them.

    The Executive branch of government does not have the ability to write laws - this is limited to the Legislative branch. Anything else is unconstitutional. Executive Orders be damned...
  5. Tully Mars

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    You nailed it.
    "We" as in We the people-ALL of us have allowed the slow but sure transfer of power from the citizens to the office of the president. Each session of congress, each president takes just a bit more and the majority don't even notice because they are more than happy to pay attention to their 401k and to who got voted off the island... Those that did notice at best dropped a dime to voice their bitch. This president has made full use of the executive pen, and hasn't tried to hide it, That's why there are more folks noticing IMO.

    I honestly feel that the only way this current government will/can be stopped is by using the same method as our forefathers and to restore this country to a REPUBLIC instead of a democracy along with specific amendments to the constitution to insure that it can not happen again. Strict term limits for EVERY elected office will do away with professional politicians, and IMHO a lot of the problems.
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  6. Ganado

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    Historically we have outlasted every other large power. So it probably is time for a change.

    Righthand. Thank you for sharing your pet peeve. Most people don't ever make the distinction that you just shared

    Somewhere as a nation, we lost the ability to read and think for ourselves. So most people make up that we are granted rights through the bill of rights

    It is a subtle but key difference
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  7. Tully Mars

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    Well, Great Britain has a few years on us..;)
  8. Ganado

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    Hmm you are right the British Empire was from 1603 to 1949
  9. BTPost

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    and you forgot the Chinese Dynasties..... The Egyptian Pharaoh Dynasties..... The Persian Dynasties..... The Roman Dynasties..... Mongol Dynasties.....
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  10. RightHand

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    Many of those empires changed dramatically as the titular leader was replaced. The empire/dynasty remained in name and outward appearance but may not have been in its original form, much like our own nation
  11. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned

  12. Ganado

    Ganado Monkey+++

    Notice the mean is around 200 years
    Which was my original point
  13. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned

    238.45years, to be precise. (Mean score being averaged).[contract]
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  14. Yard Dart

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    Do you feel better about saying that....picky picky Kell.... Unbecoming is it not, to scratch at every post of hers?!
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  15. kellory

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    Feel better? No, not really. The lady complains a lot, usually about me, or BT, and I'm getting kinda tired of it.
    So I held her feet to the fire a bit, and added a little accuracy to a vague prediction.
    Don't worry, I'll be good.
    I had some adjusting to do when I arrived here as well. From all the military jargon, I thought I had landed in some "soldier of fortune wannabes's " site. I had to google half of what I heard, just to make sense.
    It was a strong enough reaction, that I didn't come back for four years.
    Since I gave it another chance here, I learned a lot about the people and the skill sets here, the knowledge base, and made a few friends.
    The whining, and backhand comments are a form of forum politics, and one I don't care for. It sets my teeth on edge.
    Got a problem with me personally? Try a PM, instead of calling out the MODS to DO SOMETHING!! (it's petty)
    Since it puts me on edge, I tend to be less forgiving of bad math, worse spelling, and poor assumptions.
    I don't happen to think in straight lines, like a lawyer or banker, I'm a troubleshooting tech and that means I think around corners. It also means I see more than one path for each decision, and more than one solution for any problem, but it also means I may go off in a tangent. (That does not mean I'm trolling) it means a switch flipped, and I followed it. It's where a lot of creative ideas come from.
    Call it a pet peeve, if you will, but when someone keeps picking and complaining, I tend to lose my sense of humor, and treat them as the irritant they are.
  16. RightHand

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    kellory, the ignore button is your friend. Feel free to use it and avoid subjecting everyone to your irritation. That also is unpleasant
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  17. kellory

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    Sorry, RH, that is not my intent. I'll be good.
    However, blinding oneself to a problem solves nothing. I ignore no one.
  18. RightHand

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    You should try it - it can have very positive effects on one's mental state.
  19. kellory

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    Ear plugs will never fix a leaking roof.
  20. RightHand

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    Okay, you can have the last word. Just a suggestion to make everyone's evenings more pleasant
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  21. Brokor

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    Since we are dreaming -Here are some things I would fix to restore the republic if I had the chance:

    Absolutely NO private banks. All banks may only function as clearing houses. The People should once again allow Congress to print money, just like the days of the Greenback. We have the technology today to damper any counterfeiting, and provided we can successfully kill the remaining Zionists and British/Catholic Freemason elites who will try to embroil us in war, we should be alright.

    It is already illegal and unconstitutional to tax a sovereign citizen without their consent, but it will need to be addressed properly. Legal trickery and shady dealings will not be tolerated. Any pyramid schemes (IRS - Federal Reserve) will be dealt with swiftly, including being fed to sharks and alligators on live television. All proceeds from commercials will go to feed the hungry in AMERICA, then to foreign nations worldwide.

    Absolutely NO corporation without charter. All charters will be maximum 10 years, with one renewal possible. All corporations will be dissolved afterward, all assets sold off. Change corporation legal standing -no longer a legal "person". This will encourage businesses to flourish and limit the size and scope of corporations, as it was before the first World War.

    Limited all term limits for Congress. Limited maximum pay to be equal to and never greater than the national average individual income. Also, remind them they do not need to continuously make laws to feel useful -House members and Congress may remain in their home State unless called to attend an emergency session or upon their quarterly check-in. Additionally, while not actively working on legislation, the Congressperson will be mowing lawns in his or her State every work day. This will remind them they must earn their keep and they are not above the people who employ them.

    All communications will be free again -the FCC and all other alphabet agencies will no longer be necessary (unless any State would like to maintain their own version, they must also find a way to pay for it, and taxation will not suffice.) Every State will have its own panel of citizens who are elected every two years and they will monitor and regulate in conjunction with Sheriffs, transmission frequencies. Just as a reminder: A sovereign citizen cannot be told what to do on his/her own land, but they can be asked politely. Whiners and crybabies be damned -this is America.

    Travel is not to be restricted or controlled by government: all licensing and regulating will be held at the State level, and it will be mandatory for State employees, but not sovereign citizenry. The citizenry will only be required to pass a drivers safety course from school, and pass a written exam and winter driving exam as well as the driving test. A certification of completion will be serial numbered and made verifiable for authenticity.

    Police (ordinary local, state and otherwise not belonging to the office of elected Sheriffs) are to be made obsolete. Every citizen is expected to carry from the age of 16 (open carry only until the age of 18). No licenses will be maintained. Sovereign citizens do not require a license to function, only enemies to the republic and foreigners need a license.

    I could go on for days...
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