Pet Rocks for PTSD - Thanks CDN VA!

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    Colin Fitzgerald, Afghan war veteran, given a rock to squeeze for his PTSD - Ottawa - CBC News

    A decorated Afghanistan war veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder says the only help he got from military counsellors was he was given a rock to squeeze when he wasn't feeling well.

    Morrisburg, Ont., resident Colin Fitzgerald, 35, was deployed to Afghanistan in 2006 and awarded the Medal of Military Valour the next year for saving the lives of members of his platoon.

    After he returned to Canada, he said his life has been “an absolute hell.” He said he was beaten up in a bar fight, attempted suicide, and has been arrested several times on charges of assault, weapons offences and drunk driving.

    His parents recently alleged that their son wasn't properly receiving his medications at the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre."
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    /me hangs his head in shame
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    That is absolutely horrible. Just shameful and sadly an accident waiting to happen. I think people like this need one of those therapy dogs. I met one and they are amazing. I had a smile on my face and acted chipper but not inside, the dog actually came up to me and kept at me until I was feeling better. It was very odd but healing. I am now a firm believer in therapy dogs.
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    Good, we have helped with the training of more than a few. ;) nice to know it helps.
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    Good thing he didn't use that rock for some anger management therapy on the docs head.
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    At least he got to see a doc. The VA here has been less accessible, so 'tis said.
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    I keep thinking about this article. It just isn't right. A pet rock, I received one when I was young for Christmas. It was stupid then and it is stupid now. A rock! I once went for hypnosis and the guy had me choose and hold a rock, it didn't work. Maybe I am just not the rock bonding type of person but what is it to do? When having mental breakdown squeezing a rock just isn't going to do it. Not to stereotype but the rock thing is quite hippy-ish.
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