Pet Smart this AM !

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    So..Wifey wanted to hit Pet Smart this am and pick-up a ''Soft Collar'' ?

    Which we did at about 10:30 am, We walk in and there is about a dozen puppy's and full grown dog's in a 3' cage on the right with about 6/7 old gal's standing around Ohh'ing and Ahh'ing the dog's. Cool so far !

    Wife goes over and join's the herd of wilderbeast and me ? What the Hell ! I walk over !

    I spot 2 of the Heinz 57's with a bit of Beagle in em' So i think Hmm...

    Walk over to the lady working the pound puppy's ? Being the Oilfield guy that i am, I ask her if any of these dog's will hunt ?

    She give's me the 1/4 cock look and then say's No !

    Ok, I ask her if these 2 with beagle in em' will hunt rabbit's ?

    She give's me the 1/2 cock look this time...

    Hmm, Ok Lady ya'll have any rabbit's here in the store we could throw in there too check em' out with ?

    If you do , The one's that chase the rabbit..I'll take !!!

    I now get the Full Monty Head cock...and...We have no rabbit's in the store sir !

    Me, To bad, The 2 with beagle in em' looked like good dog's.

    So i move on the get the ''Soft collar'', Wifey is still hung up yapping with the head wilderbeast at the dog pen...

    I grab another gal that work's there and ask her about the collar's and she's on her game, Lead's me right to them.

    I pick one out and head for the check-out and, Low and Behold !

    I go to pay for it and Mr.Tutti-Frutti ask me if i want to donate to the dog's in the pen !

    Me..Hell No ! None of those dog's will hunt !

    Mr. T.F. Give's me the 1/4 tilt head look and ask's, What do you mean sir ?

    Me, I ask that old gal over there if any of those dog's would run a rabbit and the one's that did i would take home and she said none would hunt !

    Mr. T.F. Give's me the 1/2 head cock !

    Me, Say,You have any rabbit's in the store we could throw in there and check out those dog's with ?

    Mr.T.F. Give's me the full monty head tilt like his brain is in overload... Then..Ahh, We have no rabbit's here.

    Me, To bad. How much do i owe you ?...I pay-up.. Go to leave..and Wifey is still hung-up talking to the head wilderbeast.

    I walk past her and tell her i'm heading out to Academy and if she wanted to ride..come-on ! Which she did..

    So if any of you guy's and gal's go to Pet Smart.. Good Luck..The dog's don't hunt !

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  2. Yard Dart

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    Note to self- bring rabbit if going to Pets Mart!! ;)
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  3. tacmotusn

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    Reminds me of a Cajun comedian tape I heard about the north eastern champion hunting dog who would freeze up and go rigid at different times out in the field when they were hunting rabbits. Cajun had to repeatedly yell at that dog and kick him in the ass more than once before finally getting the dog to stop that crap. That dog just didn't know how to hunt..... lol
  4. Airtime

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    Be careful taking the rabbit from the bear.
    (oh wait wrong thread)

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  5. Mindgrinder

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    Mah dog will hunt more than rabbit.
    If u got an male akita cross to breed....think of taking a vacation to BC.
    Willing to pay or trade silver fair....i just need a squirt!!
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