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    I used to be a county coordinator for WTP years ago. They are still fighting the IRS after ALL THESE YEARS.

    Corrupt judges.
    Illegal IRS seizures.
    Various threats.

    They/we are up against one tough ride. I left, for personal reasons. I also felt like I was wronged for all the hard work everyone put forward, only to be denied our day in court because the SYSTEM IS BROKEN. We cannot expect to march and change the world. We cannot demand our corrupt government to bow down before us and answer our questions honestly. We cannot afford to take legal action against CORPORATIONS that are masquerading as Federal Offices, and where the judges are BOUGHT AND PAID FOR. But, the WTP Congress and WTP Foundation continues to fight nevertheless.

    I will say this: If there ever were a chance to actually "win" against Slavery, Inc. in a non-violent manner - WTP is such a chance indeed.
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