Petition to build Death Star tops 25k - White House response?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mindgrinder, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Mindgrinder

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    'Death Star' petition to prompt White House response - World - CBC News

    An online petition on a White House website to secure resources and funding to build a Star Wars-like "Death Star" by 2016 has gathered 26,447 signatures and will spark a response from the Obama administration.
    The government website We the People was created to allow people to petition the U.S. federal government to take action on a range of issues.
    The authors of the petition began their quest on Nov. 14 and passed the goal of 25,000 signatures on Thursday. Any petition that surpasses the 25,000 mark will be reviewed by the White House staff and will receive an official response.""
  2. Brokor

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    Just wait until the empire strikes back. [OO]
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  3. scrapman21009

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    Do we find out Obama is Rand Paul's father?
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  4. Mindgrinder

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    Wouldnt surprise me if Broker is a clone.

  5. ghrit

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    No, but his tigers might melt.
  6. tacmotusn

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    Can't we just get our economic house in order in order, ie; tax reform, welfare reform, actual law of the land and rule of law inforce and being enforced, spending under control, congress and supreme court actually doing their jobs, temp wage freezes on federal level and an equal percentage of cuts across the board on all federal levels, etc etc etc etc until we get out of this stinking morrass.
    Before some idiot actually picks up the torch and runs with a star wars death star BS program at the cost of billions and billions ..... maybe trillions of dollars.
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