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Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by Mindgrinder, Sep 3, 2013.

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    Too bad stupid doesn't hurt..
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    If it wasn't for Bill V , then we would be at 12% tax ++ .. HST for 2 years WTF !
    Gordon Cumball was a real kumquat , sold us out.
    Glad west coast has less crap floating down ..
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    So, what is the consensus here? Are Nato Governments spraying Chemtrails or not?
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    No. It is all hooey. Thus spake me, and maybe me only.
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    Too much add plane weight. Total crap.
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    It can hurt society, if it becomes contagious
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    They might be interviewing people with no idea what they are talking about, but can see and distinguish that there is something amiss. I wouldn't discredit it.

    I've been watching the sky for as long as I have lived, dreaming of the day I would be able to play amongst the puffy white cumulus clouds. I actually hardly ever see them anymore; they seem to be replaced with contrails that hang around forever (contrails made of water vapor dissipate within minutes) and cover the sky like cirrus clouds. When I got my private pilot's license at the age of 17, boy did I play. That was quite a few years ago, and I really don't see too many days like I used to.


    Although I don't completely agree with what the owner of this image has labeled, I can identify the contrail marked by the arrows. I believe that is the exhaust from the APU. If there is something in the fuel, then it would indeed dump it out like the rest of the engines.
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    What? That makes no sense... How much fuel does a KC-135 Stratotanker carry? Well 83,000 odd pounds worth. At 8.35lb/g that's nearly 10,000 gallons of water. JP4 weighs 6.4 lb/g so that's almost 13,000 gallons. Consider the lifting capacity of a C5 Galaxy...payload of ~180,000 lbs.

    'Too much added plane weight.' is total crap.

    Sorry man, that's just the way it is.
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    People who claim chemtrails are nothing but a "conspiracy theory", simply are not informed and they don't know even the most basic facts involved. I do not say this to frighten people...but you should be very, very afraid.

    "What In The World Are They Spraying?" (full length):

    Watch it.
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    I'm no pilot, but some things here just don't make sense. "It's like it 's spraying out of the top of it's wings..." Air must move faster over the top of the airfoil to create lift. This IS where any disturbance would appear first. And changes in air pressure, ect will effect the on/off trailing as factors fluctuate.

    And my comment about too much weight, was sent from my phone, and I was having a little difficulty with getting it to post correctly, but breaks down to follow the money. Anything added to the weight of the craft, MUST be paid for in added fuel and money. That's physics, not opinion. Every flight would be less profitable. This is not going to happen on commercial aircraft. (What military aircraft do or do not do is up for debate, because they are not controlled by the money, but by orders)
    Anything to be sprayed has volume and weight, and must have machinery to spray. So I would NOT be watching the skies for evidence, but would be going through the ground mechanics who service these planes. parts lists, buying schedules, book keeping, fuel records will show more fuel being used than the load requires. Physics and money....very few things can hide from physics and money.

    Just pick a number of say 1000lbs of aluminum particulates, there must be some volume and weight if you intend to leave such a trail for so many miles, so that added weight leaving the ground MUST have fuel to lift it. even if it were added to jet fuel (Don't know quite what that would do to the engines) it would still be dead weight and must be lifted. That added fuel has weight and must be offset with added fuel as well, and has volume that will reduce the length of the possible flight, because the tank sizes do not grow for added fuel, or for added volume of particulates.

    Add in the added costs of the aluminum(dust which requires machine work to produce which is added money) the added fuel costs, reduced flights lengths, and/ or more refueling points. Each time a plane refuels it uses even more fuel to drop into heavier air and to take off again and climb back up to thinner/ faster/ more cost effective air. (again, more fuel costs)

    Now add in the fact of Youtube, FaceBook, and a dozen other outlets. If just One Ground mechanic decides to film an inspection of the aircraft, and explain what each part does. what fits, what is not aircraft, residues cleaned, lab results, (any actual science) any exposure of the real spraying equipment that must exist for this to be happening as described, then he would be set for life as the Great Savior of The People and completely untouchable. There would be parades in the streets, planes torn apart on runways by angry mobs, and lawsuits from every man woman and child on Earth claiming damages (Not just in the USA) ranging from coughs to premature deaths. We live in a sue-happy society. If there was a way to sue for it, it would be done already.

    Don't show me another contrail video and tell me what it means, I use to do magic tricks, and i KNOW your eyes can not be trusted, (I even posted a series of videos of the science behind magic here on the Monkey) and the guy filming has his own ideas of what is "really" going on. No matter what the truth is, his view is twisted by what he is wanting to find. "Thank God, we are above that, or we'd be dead right now" (opinion and fear=noise.)

    So show me the sprayers, the fuel logs, the mechanics reports, the lab results of residues found on the sprayers, follow the money involved. residues from holding tanks hidden in aircraft, compliance from aircraft personnel, Real facts that can be weighed and measured. Science not opinion.
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    Did you watch the video I posted?

    Most of the zombies up on the Hill don't even know (or won't admit they know) that they are actively spraying right now. The entire campaign is still being accepted as still in the scientific testing stage. Yet, a contrail will not remain in the sky and spread outward, blanketing to the horizon. The tests performed (watch the movie) show 61,000+ times the normal level of aluminum in soil and water samples, along with extremely high barium and strontium. This is independent study. No, you will not see this on FOX and CNN and released in private Foundation studies. And, without further investigation, YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR FLIGHT LOGS, SPRAYERS, AND AIRCRAFT PERSONNEL as you would like. Jesus, man --you want everything! You want the smoking gun, the footage, signed confessions and a nightly report by Tom Brokaw in tears, sweating bricks on television before you will admit you are being poisoned. Did you notice the patent on GMO crops (watch the video) that are resistant to aluminum? Ever wonder who stands to gain from making organic crops fail and making people sick?

    Seriously. It's not too hard to see what's going on.
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    Exactly. It's not a secret. The facts are right in front of our faces, up in the sky, in the ground, in the our bodies. Wanna to talk about mind control? --anybody living in denial at this stage is seriously screwed in the head.
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    And on that note, I will exit this conversation.
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    Ah thanks for your clarification. Adding follow the money/do the math completely changes the entire premise of your orig post! Can't disagree with that in the least. I was merely addressing the orig post as it was posted.
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    @kellory -- I just find it insulting, not to mention disturbing that ANYBODY can sit around and remark that they require the actual flight logs, sworn confessions of pilots who may not even be American or have the interests of America in mind, manifests from secret government bases, and other evidence which is all but impossible to acquire. The independent investigations going on (again, watch the video I posted that I KNOW you did not watch!) is already providing a lot of evidence and data to prove that we need to be serious about this issue. At the very least, the fact that there is no agency, no bureau, no portion of government involved in researching and holding the Geo-engineers to the flame should be proof enough that we are ON OUR OWN. It must be nice to sit around laughing at Rome burning to the ground, its people in agony, playing the fiddle and acting like this is all a joke. If you want to break into high level military bases and procure logs and inspect equipment, be my guest! Just don't attempt to whitewash this very serious topic because the evidence provided wasn't the evidence you are looking for.

    And THAT's the rest of the story. Good day.

    Sometimes I think you are only leading me on just to play the hurt, noble, wise member. I am not fooled. Do NOT play games with me. Please place me on ignore or take your games elsewhere.
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    Well, no wonder why you are being this way. The first few CLIPS were very short. The MOVIE I linked is full of evidence.

    • Runtime 95 minutes
    • Produced by G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy and Paul Wittenberger
  20. kellory

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    Half way through your movie. some testable data. A great deal of supposition, impression, and theory. I will finish it, but I will state this right now. It a stupid approach. it would be much smarter to simply put the dust in orbit. No health issues, long term more cost effective.
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