PFT - Former BC Premier on Chemtrails...

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    "follow the money" indeed.
    Geo-engineers have stated on the record that it is VERY cheap.
    Who stands to gain from being able to control the weather?
    Well...duh....THE FUTURES MARKET manipulators can now pick "Buy or Short" on crops and win every time. Kellory is the kinda guy who will ignore the information simply because someone he does not like posted it. Petty.
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    I spent 5 years in LA, California. The statement at 52:00 is crap.
    Mariel Hemmingway? really? why didn't you say so? I would go to her for an opinion on anything of importance at any time! Why that is what Hollywood is for , right? They're almost as reliable as The Dixie Chicks! :rolleyes:
    52:29 self defeating statement. (There is no way to do this without doing it to yourself) this would be like bug-bombing your house while remaining inside, permanently.
    1:03:52 Infertile really? Not a problem near me. I could see quite a few who should not reproduce if things went strictly by logic and merit.
    As for relying on Fienstein for the betterment of mankind, you need look no further than the assault weapons bans. if there were such a program, that fool would be leading it.
  3. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned

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