Philly: IED found near Train Tracks.

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by UGRev, May 7, 2011.

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    Gimme a break.
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    Hey, I'm just passing along the story. Goes pretty much hand in hand with what I said in the Osama is Dead thread.. eh? more boogey men to keep the fear rolling.
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    Likely some young idiot's idea of a joke. :rolleyes:
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    You wouldn't believe the number of IEDs around my neighborhood, especially around the Forth of July or New Years Eve. I'm talking front page stuf in the Democratic sponsored MSNM.
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  7. UGRev

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    I just want to know how they found it. The MO for experienced saboteurs and planting IED's is to be bury them. How did they find this one?
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    I hear ya, man. [ditto]
  9. BTPost

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    It has been my experience, that MOST Bomb Squad members were Military Trained, before they became Civilian Police. As such, they have Loads of practical training and instruction on common Military & Civilian Energetics, and Fusing Systems. They have very limited expertise on things that are totally improvised, and out of the normal, and as such, will just declare any unknown device, as a "Bomb", and take it to the range and energetically destroy it, rather than mess with trying to deal with it, onsite. That house in Kalifornia, is a classic Case in Point. Rather than spend the time, to do a Complete Decommission of any found items inside, it was much easier to just burn it down and let anything inside just go off, in-place. They always error, on the side of their own personal safety, so it is more than likely, they just declared the IED, a "Bomb", and destroyed it, and the guy who wrote the News Story, just took their word, that it was a "Bomb", and they never disclosed, if the device actually had Energetics in it, or significantly contributed to in the destructive energy, when destroyed. Makes good Press though.....
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    That makes a lot of sense, Bruce. This is exactly the type of thinking which becomes dangerous, especially in this day with "terrorism" being touted as the most pressing danger in the world, when more people die from bee stings than bombs. It goes to show just how far the corpolitical tyrants are willing to go to push their agenda. The media is sickening, totally without a moral compass.
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  11. ghrit

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    Nor are our esteemed press agents equipped with knowledge or the motivation to find some. I don't know which is worse, no ambition, no morals, or no knowledge about which they write. For sure, they habitually do NOT check their facts. More's the pity.
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  12. Witch Doctor 01

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    As a former tech (30 +years ago)... bag it and Blow it in place is always at the top of the list.... if It reacts with more boom than expected it's a bomb... if it dosent it's still a bomb and we disarmed it right .....

    Bruce has it right....
  13. BAT1

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    They are riding the fear machine to include trains in DHS TSA inspections of everybody's bags.
    Total staged event designed to take away more of our freedoms.
  14. dragonfly

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    Now I feel OLD!
    I used to have to "disarm" them by hand, all devices!
    Someone somewhere always wanted to play show and tell with them, so we had to "save" them for the brass!
    Made for a lot of widows too!
    But heck, what did we know?
  15. BTPost

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    You can count the Fellows with a Specific Background in the Chemistry Of Energetic Materials Science, in the USA, on two hands, and not use up all your fingers. There are thousands of Bomb Techs, and Users, but VERY, VERY, few Folks have the Chemistry Background, with actual Compounding Expertise, in both High and Low Velocity Energetics, and Initiator/Primary Energetics. This is exactly why the Classification of IEDs, usually is made to treat them as LIVE/Active, unless otherwise PROVEN NOT to be, in that individual case. This expertise cannot be learned from a Book, or Manual. It only comes by actual handling of the Precursors, watching, or doing, the compounding Processes. Then dealing with the completed Energetics, clear thru the Packaging Processes, and then using them out in the field. Knowing the tastes, smells, and feel, of the material, at every step in the processes, and after their use. Most commercial Energetics used these days, are MicroTagged, to allow Forensic Chemists to follow the Manufacturing Process back to the OEMs, and then back down the Distribution Channel. It is a very GOOD thing that these Islamic Yahoos, are as Incompetent, as our own '70s era Radical Groups, when it comes to the Chemistry, or we would have a very different News Story History, around here, these days..... .....
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  16. Tikka

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    As Astrolite (A or B) has hydrazine in it so it is poisonous. It can be poured on the ground, soak in and it will still go boom (4-5 days later) which makes concealing it easier than others.

    Supposedly the taggants will survive the explosion.
  17. Illini Warrior

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    Just reminds me of the other typical media BS ...... every gun no matter what it is becomes an "assault rifle" ..... a guy's collection of dad's 22s and old shotguns become a "cache of weapons"
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    Yep. There have been numerous stories of Jihadis blowing themselves up too early. You could not pay me enough to toy with 'energetics'. I value my hands, eyes and the rest of me. I ain't pretty, but I'm all I've got!! [LMAO]
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    Yep, do you know the history of Astrolite? It was first formulated in a SMALL Lab (Rocket Research) located in the Industrial Area of south Seattle, WA. The two fellows that were doing the work, both died in a massive Explosion that leveled the building, and left only a "Smoking Hole in the Ground" They were trying to make a solid Rocket Propellant, for NASAs Space Program. RR sent a Forensic Chemist to reclaim the byproducts, along with ATFs team, and there was a LOT of explaining to do, to the local Fire Marshal, as well. Quite a fiasco for RR. They took the technology, and spun off EXPLOCO, of Issaquah, WA to refine the research, and market the Energetic. Astrolite is considered a "Exotic High Explosive" due to its use of Hydrazine, in the compounding. I was a student in college at the time, and it made ALL the Journals, AFTER the Patent was issued, but was of GREAT Interest to those of us, in the field.

    Yes, absolutely the Taggants will survive detonation, and are very easily collected, by folks, with the appropriate technology.

    It has been 40 years, since I have been in a Lab, but I still get the Journals, and try and peruse the Literature, as time permits.
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