phishi's garage sale-everything must go!!!

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  1. phishi

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    Moved recently, found some items that might better serve you than me at this point. Besides, I could use the cash! Here goes:

    BM A2 upper: Began life as an AK upper. Purchased in mid 2000, low round count, well under 1,000. AK muzzle brake removed by melbo's former gunsmith after the sunset, Phantom FH pinned in it's stead. Barrel is 14.5 with FH bringing it up to legal 16", twist is 1/9. All other internals original. Asking price: $450.00

    Surefire 500A weaponlight: This has replaced the original hand guards. This is a 3 x 123A system with a constant on/off switch, LED lamps to light your way, and a pressure switch for momentary illumination. Comes with both a MN10 and a MN11 lamp. I'll include a SF spares carrier to protect which ever lamp is not mounted in the light. Asking price:$450.00

    Note: I really would like to sell the above two items together, as I do not want to have to take them apart. In fact, I will NOT sell the weapon light unless bought with the upper OR the upper sells first. (Sorry, it does me no good otherwise.) As such, I would part with both items for $850.00.

    The Trijicon Reflex: I believe it is a RX01 with a RX10 carry handle mount. Included is instruction manual, lense pen cleaning brush, and polarizing filter. Asking price: $450.00

    Note: I really would like to sell the above three items together, as I do not want to have to take them apart. In fact, I will NOT sell the weapon sight unless bought with the above two items (upper/weapon light), OR the above two items sell first. (Sorry, it still does me no good otherwise.) As such, I would part with all three items for $1275.00.

    Surefire E2E: Well loved with plenty of dings but still works like a champ! Was my EDC light when I was a tech in the ER. Included in price is a 15 watt KL1 LED conversion head as well as the original. Currently sports a homemade black paracord wrap on handle. Asking price:$100.00

    Surefire L5: LED flashlight that can be employed with a handgun using the rubber grip ring. Used only a few times when camping/backpacking. Asking price: $150.00

    Mountain Hardware Skyview 3: My first backpacking tent! Seen plenty of use from Maine to Tennesse. Will sleep three adults, or two with plenty of elbow room. Not the lightest, but more durable than what you could get new for the same price at WallyWorld, Dicks, Cabela's, or BassPro. Asking price: $125.00

    Kifaru Tailgunner 2: OD fanny pack that includes omni belt (unpadded with power pull and PALS webbing), sling, panel insert, and 2 lock and load pockets #8. This is in great condition, only seen the field twice, both weekend backpacking trips. Asking price: $225.00

    ProMed Kit Spec Ops Pro Pack: This is fairly new, worn only once or twice. OD is the color and I'll include a medication box for free. Great search and rescue bag with plenty of room for a sleeping bag and pad, as well as medical gear. If you want the bag filled with supplies, pop me a PM and we'll discuss what I can part with, what your skill set is, and what a fair price would be. Asking price: $225.00 (empty)

    ALICE pack with frame: Just what you'ld expect.....Asking price: $50.00

    Wiley X SG1 frames: Great glasses, they just don't fit my face right. Unless you fit my prescription, you will need to purchase lenses. Asking price: $50.00

    Knives/Asking price: These are old Blackjacks (not the new ones) or older Gerbers. The S&W is from mid 1980's. All blades include original sheaths. By purchasing one (or all) of these blades, you are stating that you are older than 18 years of age and that you are aware of your local laws concerning double bladed knives. Seller is not responsible for your own ignorance concerning this subject. Buyer beware.

    Blackjack Blackmoor Dirk: $50.00
    Blackjack Blackmoor Dirk 2000: $50.00
    Blackjack Viking Raider Axe: $50.00
    Gerber Guardian: $40.00
    Gerber Guardian 2: $40.00
    S&W Bootknife: $35.00

    Terms: PM me if you are interested in anything listed. Pics can be provided, but only for serious buyers please. Prices are pretty firm, but reasonable offers or possible trades may be considered. I agree to ship to anywhere in the lower 48 states for prices listed above. For other offers or trades shipping will need to be discussed.

    Thanks for looking,
  2. Seacowboys

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    Send me some pics of the blades Dev; I'll take most of them.
  3. ghrit

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    What size is the Alice? I think there are two sizes made. If it is the smaller, count me in for it.
  4. phishi

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    Seacowboys: Thanks, I'll get those off in a day or so.

    Ghrit: I'm pretty sure its a large. Its got the three vertical pockets up near the top. They look to be the right size for 30 round AR mags. If your still interested let me know....

  5. ghrit

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    Looks like it is large, had a peek at a site. The three pockets at the top look to be a giveaway Guess I'm out.
  6. phishi

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    Re: phishi's garage sale-everything must go!!! Now with

    Here are the pics of the knives for all to view. Thanks for those who have shown interests. Stay tuned there is more to come........
    DSC_0171.JPG DSC_0172.JPG DSC_0173.JPG DSC_0174.JPG DSC_0175.JPG DSC_0176.JPG DSC_0177.JPG DSC_0178.JPG DSC_0179.JPG DSC_0180.JPG DSC_0181.JPG DSC_0182.JPG DSC_0183.JPG DSC_0184.JPG
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