phoenix officershoots homeowner 6 times

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Tango3, Oct 12, 2009.

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    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

    That kind of shit is why I keep a loaded 12 gauge in the house now.
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    I don't suppose we can know the whole story, but my thoughts are turning toward -- Why didn't the 911 operator inform the police department that the homeowner had the felon at gun point? Having a gun in your hand when a LEO enters a room under duress cannot be good.

    There can't be too many things more dangerous than clearing a house. It sounds like this officer thought he was finally getting a criminal (with a weapon pointing at someone), and he wanted to make sure he really got him.

    Now, I don't have the same respect of LEOs like I did 20 years ago, but I can't entirely fault this guy. I'd never want to clear a house w/o a dog -- actually, I'd never want to have to clear a house. Period.

    PS: Maybe I missed something in the news article because I read over it so fast...
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    Well the articles and news clips make it sound like the officer, having been informed several times by the wife that her husband was the one with the gun, entered the residence and with no verbal commands shot the homeowner in the back...oh and the last 3 shots were fired after he was on the ground... Not having been there I can't pass any binding judgment.

    Wow...I had a whole mess of rambling thoughts here but after proof reading I determined that posting it would be tantamount to stepping on my own ****. [footinmouth] <-- or this....

    Things really need to change though. If this 'us against them' mentality on both sides continues it's going to get very ugly for both sides.

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    I'll grant you one officer rounding a corner to find one man holding a gun on the other could be a difficult , stress full situation with few good responses, Do you tell the gun guy to put it down(?) where the felon could dive on it like a fumbled football do youtell the gun holder to holster? while your attention is focused on the gun the felon is lookin for a chance to take advantage...But ; shooting civilians is usually a bad policy...
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    I was taught a simple concept growing up:

    Rights and Responsibilities

    in this case it would translate something like this:

    the officer asked to have the right to carry a gun and make life and death decisions and the right to incarcerate people under use of physical force at his discretion.....this means that he has the responsibility to do so justly.....

    point blank.....he entered a mans home and shot him dead with extreme prejudice and the person whom he murdered had committed no crime whatsoever....period....where is the ****ing grey area there?

    if one of us was driving down the street and saw someone being held at gunpoint inside a house and we stormed into the house Rambo style and gunned the man down and it turned out to be the same situation as this, is there any question whatsoever that we wouldn't be hauled away to prison on the spot? I am pretty sure that one of us saying to the cops 'hey, i had good intentions!' wouldn't mean shit to them at all........only difference I see is that a cop should be held at a MUCH higher standard than you or I for the simple fact that they ASK to have more power/rights than you or I.
  7. Quigley_Sharps

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    He should have shot and killed the intruder then called 911, stupid........
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    Or used the S.S.S.rules if you live in the country.
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    Here's the 911 call as it happened. You can hear the guy get shot by the cops who didnt even I.D. themselves or tell the guy to drop the gun.
    The cops then find the intruder but don't shoot him.
    They then dragged the homeowner out of the house and delayed giving him help.
    The officer who shot him admits he "F'd" up.

    YouTube- Police Brutality: Cop Shoots Homeowner 6 Times Then Covers Up. 911 CALL

    This video has more info on the shooting.
    YouTube- Phoenix Cop shoots Homeowner instead of Intruder
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    If the situation was unknown, the police officer should have waited for backup, assessed the situation, and eventually treated it apropriately or like a hostage situation. I agree with Quigley, the home owner should have shot the intruder then called 911. Family first...Castle Law.
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    I say that, as my son and I were fired on by some drunken militia types up in Northern Arizona last month.....
    Luckily the AK round hit the trees and shattered before it ever reached either of us....
    2 days later the morons were arrested for DUI and having an illegally modified weapon.... ( Both were charged Federally for that one!)
    Now about the previous problem, where we did call 911.......
    No response, as they could not even locate the area where I live up there!
    A week later, a deputy from an adjoining county came to town, and asked for an escort to the site, so it could be properly recorded by their GPS systems in case of future incidents.....They also needed an escort back to town, some 12 1/2 miles away!
    No report was ever filed on the attempted shooting, as the morons were arrested by a different county officer, (Yavapai County) and they had no report/s from the adjoining county, of any such incident ever occuring!
    Makes you wonder what happens to those 911 tapes!
    It gets better!
    A week later, I was back in Phoenix, 2 men at 1:45 am approached my caretaker's RV, 1 of them grabbed a fire extinguisher, the caretaker's K-9's reacted to the presence of the 2, my guy goes out the rear door, catches the first with my commercial sized fire extinguisher ( a good thing to have in the woods!) The 2nd idiot was hiding by a tree in the dark, swings a tree limb trying to remove my caretaker's head from his body and realizes he can't move his arm....reason: dog!
    Severe and vicious injury to his wrist/hand and bicep!
    My guy can't get to his cell phone to call for's in his RV.
    He dosen't dare turn his back on these 2....
    He has the 1st idiot on the ground with a Saiga rifle's muzzle to the bad guy's neck, and the dog is happily hanging off the 2nd idiots arm....( I'd have loved to see that myself!!!)
    He calls off the K-9 ( the dog is a recent police dept. reject from the K-9 academy) ( It's ok, he came from Kalifornia, poor puppy!) He tells the 2 to leave immediately and they run off into the night, find their pickup truck and are gone.....
    Police report:
    ( you'll love this!)
    "Misdemeanor trespassing and intimidation"!
    I called when I got a copy of that report, as I am the land owner....(aka: Victim!)
    I had to ask them where they got that law!
    I was told it was dark, so the perps had no way of seeing or reading my "NO TRESPASSING" signs! ( say what ???)
    According to Az law: A.R.S. 13-1505, paragraph B; it is a FELONY to trespass with INTENT to commit a crime, albeit: theft, burglary, or assault.
    ( The Coconino County Sheriff's Office felt since NO harm was done there was no reason to persue the case, as it costs man hours and monies they cannot afford to spend on something so trivial!)
    No one even checked the local hospitals or triage centers for a man with several dog bites!
    Yeah well, I have taken aggressive steps to make sure it will never happen again.
    My guy is secure now!
    Unless,.... these idiots come back in a helicopter!
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