Picking a GUD Log Splitter?

Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by Gator 45/70, Mar 3, 2019.

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  2. Bro built his from scrounged parts. Coulda been made more efficient, but that woulda cost FRN's.
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  3. Ura-Ki

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    I would do the Honda powered one!
    Couple things, How big/dense a wood are you planning on working?
    Have you looked around for a used one?
    I have a 20 hp Wisconsin powered unit and it's working for it to split green Doug Fir, it will bend the splitting bed while splitting a big round! I did a bunch of fab work to it to make it stronger, but it still bends!
    The nice thing about the Honda is you can upgrade to the Predator engines if you need more power, a 9hp or 12 hp upgrade would be slick!
  4. Gator 45/70

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    Pimary wood is Oak!
    We have several huge oaks down due to storm damage.
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  5. Merkun

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    I like the auto return feature on the cadet. Seeing that are both Honda powered, it's a near toss up. If service is available locally, well, that would tip the scale for me.
  6. Bishop

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    I have left right log splitter.
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    I’ve been watching for a used log splitter for about 8 months. Stuff that is good shape is almost as much as new. The stuff that is half the price of new is crap. Getting irritated and I too am looking at just buying a new one.

    Don’t know if there is a Rural King near you but they have this 35 ton for the same money as one you were looking at.
    Black Diamond 35 Ton Log Splitter
    Not a Honda but one of the higher end Briggs. But for a lot more tonnage...

    Considering that I’m in the 60+ category I’ve been pondering if something better for the back might be better to buy. I’m giving consideration to something like these:
    22-Ton Push Through Gas Log Splitter, 301CC Electric Start w/ Log Lift & Catcher

    Yeah, they are probably a bit more than I need through-put wise but a lot less strain on the body for a bit older guy who plans to do the wood thing for 10-20 years if the Lord be willin’. I could probably rent it to my nephews for beer so that might work.

    Watching some of the YouTube videos on these type 2 splitters is tempting:

    I’m leaning a bit towards the RuggedMade or a close copy if I can find something somewhat local and at a good price.

    Something to consider is the diameter of the cylinder rod. Most cheap splitters the rods are just 1.25-1.5 inches but the machines with a 2.5-3 inch rod return a whole bunch faster as the volume on the rod side of the piston is a lot less and fills faster.

    Good luck.
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  8. Gator 45/70

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    I really like the ideal of the duel control with lift table,Pretty neat machine!
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  9. Gator 45/70

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    Thats 0ne left/right arm machine?
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  10. Bandit99

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    I didn't know that Cub was using Honda motors!?!? Interesting...certainly ups their game. I never heard of Swisher... In truth, I think they are all about the same except the motors...but that's my personal opinion.

    I sent a text to my neighbor. He is a Supervisor or Manager for the last 10+ at the Home Depot for the area here. I asked him about the Cadet. I'm waiting for the reply. I do know you do not want to go with the Champion splitters as he told me they get a lot of returns on them. I can't remember what they said about the Cadet... The nice thing if you purchase from Home Depot it is a snap to return it.

    You might want to wait a bit because they usually have sales on splitters come Spring. I purchased my splitter last Spring and it's a 25-ton Black Diamond. I like mine but it does have a design flaw; nevertheless, it is good quality and that Briggs and Stratton is a gem, even the littlest pull and away it goes. I put mine through the ringer last season

    Anyway, hold on a bit and see if I get a reply from him. He might be working today or worked a late shift but he's a pretty good friend of mine so I know he will reply and I will let you know what he says immediately.
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  11. duane

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    A local welder built up a clone of the Timberwolf that I have been using for 15 years, Honda 5 hp motor, direct drive USA hydro pump, USA built control. It has pusher on ram and wedge fixed. It is horizontal only and I am having trouble at 81 lifting larger chunks of oak, use Ford 9N 3 point hitch with platform to lift them up and roll them onto bed. I have used vertical splitters and when younger found them slower to use, wood sometimes stuck on wedge and all wood had to be picked up, with horizontal, I lifted wood, split into 4 pieces, threw it into tractor bucket and grabbed next piece with pulp hook, lifted one end, reset hook, and lifted onto bed. Never had to bend down and my back loved it. Do not know about new rigs, in 15 years I have replaced filter once a year, hydro oil once, and routine maint on Honda. Buddy uses it to split about 50 or so cord for sale and I split 6 or so for house. I would have serious doubts if a China unit would hold up that well. Buddy wants mine whenever I give up on splitting wood. Has a 3 year old TSC unit and prefers my old one.
    Wood splitters are like chain saws, once you have one, you will have a hard time getting by without it, cut tree in woods, dice up and split in woods, throw in bucket, drive to house, unload and pile in rick. If you do one or two trees a day when in the mood, woodshed just almost fills itself. Nice way to sped a quiet November day.
    As mentioned biggest weakness in cheaper China is the seals and shafts on rods, bend or leak, and seals on pump. Need a 2 stage pump, low pressure and high flow to get to wood quickly, and then shift down to low flow high pressure to push wedge thru knots and wood. Most modern setups have that now, really slows you down if only high pressure and limits what you can split with low pressure. What ever you buy, best if you can "test drive" the same model that some one has had for a year or so and it would well be worth your time to donate the labor for a couple hours to actually try it out. Mine is exactly like the Timberwolf above, even to the wedge, which you take off for bigger chunks of wood, have place to put it on hydraulic oil tank.
    There are Honda's and there are Honda's, some made in Japan and some made in Thailand with I expect China parts but not sure. We were warranty for DeWalt and their generators were assembled in England and we had to get authorization from Honda for US warranty, it would be paid, but they hadn't sold the engine, so Honda International had to, some times took weeks to get money. Don't know what is going on now.
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  12. Merkun

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    It might be worth stopping off at the nearest Taylor (or other) rental. See what they rent and pick the mechanic's brain.
  13. Bishop

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    You know it
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  14. deMolay

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    Yah those are cool, I think they are made by Brave. I have a 35t Brave 3pt hitch splitter it will work horizontal or vertical. Brave is well made American product.
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    Duane I am 70 and have a bad back as well. I have a smaller wood splitter about 20 ton with a Predator engine. I roll the big blocks into the tractor bucket then position it alongside the splitter and roll them onto the splitter one by one. What I would like find is an old square bale elevator and make conveyor to pile the split wood for me.
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  16. Merkun

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    Bishop's is Armstrong, not Brave. (I'm familiar with Armstrong, but not Brave.)
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  17. Gator 45/70

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    Thanks again Monkeys!!!
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  18. Cruisin Sloth

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    22-Ton Push Through Gas Log Splitter, 301CC Electric Start w/ Log Lift & Catcher
    this one for 60+ use plus years ..
    we have 3 units here, big , med gas then electric ,, 5 ton for pre spiting kindling ..
    Id buy the lifting one and replace one of the medium ones here . Bending SUCKS
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  19. BTPost

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    We bought 20 Ton Harbor Freight Splitter 15 years ago... Honda Gas Engine turning the Hydrolics... Still running as New...
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  20. Gray Wolf

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    You might check out " Iron and oak". I used one for many years. Powered by a reliable Honda engine, usually started with the first pull on the rope. Can be used horizontal or vertical. And they hold their value well.
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