Picking a GUD Log Splitter?

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    I own a tree service and sell firewood, so I have more experience with commercial/ heavy duty splitters than the "homeowner" grade versions. I do quite a bit of steel fabricating, including building many dump truck beds, trailers, log splitters etc., FWIW.
    Keep in mind that not all Honda engines are created equal. There is a huge difference between the GX and GC series engines. In my opinion and experience, the Honda GX series is about as good as it gets. However, I would take a Briggs (or Kawasaki, for that matter) over a Honda GC any day.
    Both splitters probably have "auto" return. All that means is that the valve has a detent on the return. It's very rare to find a commercially made splitter that doesn't have that.
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    Hey, Didn't know about the Hondas GX vs Gc, That's excellent information there,Thanks!
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