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    At a micro level, the use of chickens as gardening tractors in permaculture is fairly well known. For larger areas on a small farmlet or larger communal property, using pigs as tractor animals is well worth considering. The pigs will root around and plow up a confined area, getting some feed value from the pasture that they are digging up, and in return adding their manure to fertilise the soil. Keeping the pigs confined can be a challenge. Training the pigs young to respect electric fencing makes containing them easier.

    The linked article demonstrates one way in which electric fence training can be achieved with minimal distress to the animals.


    Article and image via: Training the piglets to respect 2-strand electric fence

    The site has many articles on a wide range of small area permaculture farming and gardening.

    Making a Pig Tractor:

    Via: Making a Pig Tractor - Milkwood

    Pig Tractor update: from Orchard to Market Garden

    Prepping ground with permaculture pigs

    Making a Pig Tractor - Milkwood

    And the best part? BACON!
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