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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by Mountain mama, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. Mountain mama

    Mountain mama Monkey

    Anyone on here use or have any experience with the pioneer princess woodburning cook stove? Website says it will heat 2000 sq feet, and hold a fire all night. Interested in using it to cook on while using it to heat during the winter. Looking for recommendations and experiences with it.
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  2. arleigh

    arleigh Goophy monkey

    Looks kind a pricy, and not enough information for that kind of money.
    I have an antique Auto wood cook stove I rebuilt and enjoy ,but it's a little one 1860s vintage probably for a miner or cheep herder .
    The fire box is not much bigger then a large loaf of bread , and it won't last through the night but I've learned to live with it.
    The way your home is insulated will determine how well the stove functions . That and your own skill in feeding it.
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  3. Out in the woods

    Out in the woods off-grid in-the-forest beekeeper

    After much debate, we ended up going with the 'Kitchen Queen' wood cookstove.

    But I really can not give much comparison between these various models.

    Good luck :)
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  4. BTPost

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    I see once serious Drawback to most of these Wood Fired Cookstoves.... They ALL use Room Air to charge the Firebox.... This is fine if the temos do not require Maximum Isulation of the Structure, but a serious drawback, where every BTU NEEDS TO BE CONSERVED, like where i live, In Alaska, or ANY Winter in the Northern Tier of the USA...
    I modified my Dickenson “Atlantic” Open Pot Fired Diesel Cookstove to use Outside Air for combustion, and it made a significant difference in BTU loss, in our cabin. I did a similar modification to the 1950 Sears. wood Fired Cookstove, down in the Beach Cabin...
  5. oil pan 4

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    I was looking at the woods stoves at lowes, they will draw air from the out side if desired.
    Looking like it's the new standard for wood stoves.
  6. duane

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    Neighbor had a beautiful classic wood cook stove with all the chrome, light tan enamel finish, water heater, etc and it required adding wood about once ever hour or less. Wanted the heat to last several hours so gave the stove to his brother and bought the large Princess. It doesn't have outside air, though I think you could set something up, but it will run all night and take a good sized chunk of wood, has a good sized fire box. He has been very happy with it and at the time, several years ago, he could find nothing with a large fire box and an oven. It is pricey, but well built and sill inexpensive compared to the modern cast iron cook stoves, but he has been very happy with it. Not good around children as the outside gets very hot, and not approved for mobile homes as far as I know, so not designed for outside air or being close to a wall. Built like a tank with steel, stainless steel, fire brick, and wood or coal burning grates. Like all cook stoves with an oven, takes a while to learn how to start, cook, use oven, etc. It has air controls and dampers to control smoke flow for the oven and thus the heat. You "do not" just put bread in the oven and set the thermostat, but once you learn how to run it, it works very well.
  7. arleigh

    arleigh Goophy monkey

    My daughter learned to cook on our wood burning cook stove and has become a remarkable cook and baker ,both my kids are for that matter .
    The wood stove teaches you that you must pay attention to what's going on.
    We had wood stoves all the time our kids were little and never got burnt on them to my knowledge .
    I don't remember making a big deal about it concerning them around the stove , as adults you know better than to be attempting to handle it while burning. I think kids pay attention to what the adult are doing . If your fearful it sends the wrong message. Respect on the other hand is worth remembering. and some times an experience can reinforce the respect.
  8. duane

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    As a child of the late 30's and early 1940's I was told of at least 2 women from our church who had died of burns when their cloths caught fire while tending cook stoves, load from the top but ash door is only a few inches off the floor. and 1 who died when she dropped a glass bottle of stove blackening and it burst into flame. Also have known a few people who died when chimney fires got out of control. Most children seem to quickly catch on that stoves are hot and to be careful, like they learn that if you pull kitty's .tail, ears, etc. you will get scratched. Have known more children hurt by falling against stove and getting cut or things broken, than actually getting serious burns. Wood stoves are very nice and a good one properly used, with a good chimney, and good wood, is one of the most comforting things I know.
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  9. arleigh

    arleigh Goophy monkey

    With a stove or fire place expect to clean the chimney/stove pipe, it's part of the responsibility of using a wood stove . Calculate that into where you plan on installing the stove.
    I learned ago at the secret to more efficient out put by configuring the stove pipe in a dog leg " L " ,in stead of going strait up.
    heat tends to linger in the lower parts of the pipe and radiate the heat more before going up the pipe. It also dampens the flu a bit as well . My dampener is in the middle of the first section of pipe from the stove.
    Though there is a dampener in the stove top, I like having a bit more control .
    It's a good idea to provide out side air directly to the stove ,especially if your home is air tight.
    Cool out side air is denser , better combustion .
    I also mix woods so hard woods are being burnt with soft, seeing the soft tend to burn cooler and leave more creosote.
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