Pittsburgh Violent Firearms Offenders

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by TheEconomist, Jul 25, 2012.

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    This sheriff has to be Racially Profiling these guys..... there is only ONE White Guy in the whole bunch..... How can this Be???? Inquiring Minds want to Know.....
  3. Brokor

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    I don't think it's racial profiling. This list is only compiled from GUN offenses, and as it turns out it IS popular among the brothas. Before you rush to judgement, take into consideration the entire concept behind baggy pants and dealing drugs. [notworking]

    What about this list, the most violent offenders, mostly white: http://www.sheriffalleghenycounty.com/mostwanted_top20.html

    I just don't see the gun offense list as being racial profiling, just a result of a concentrated effort to compile a list (which may have been targeting gang bangers).
  4. TheEconomist

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    Mostly is true. But its 8 whites, 7 blacks, 4 captureds, and 1 Bi-Racial.....and if you count Bi-Racial the way history books do for US Presidents. Then its 8 whites, 8 blacks, and 4 captured.

    I guess those captures have been commiting a lot of crimes recently.
  5. Brokor

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    I am not so sure you are correct. I also see at least 3 "Blacks" who are not pure African descent, thus making them partially Caucasian. If a man is 50% Black and 50% White, he may only be "Black" according to societal privilege and in order to be generally accepted...but he would still be half White. It's funny, I think. Fill a room with people, and even one who is remotely descended from Blacks will tend to gravitate toward the Black crowd. Perhaps Whites are not so accepting or there's an identity issue involved, but it happens. =) We live in an era where Whites are typified as "evil" by the media and it is "cool" to be Black because that's what many sports stars are and it's the #1 music for the corporate labels who profit from selling products to impressionable youths who have identity issues.

    But, yes...this is only semantics perhaps.

    If I add some cream to my black coffee, I don't say to myself, "well, it sure looks more black to me now." And as an artist, I know there is no such color as black, because it is a combination of other colors...and white is the absence of color, more opaque than anything else. What does this have to do with the topic? Not much, but we often see only what we are led to believe instead of what really exists.
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  7. Brokor

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    I don't understand. Let's say it is racial profiling, and I have to agree beforehand that the government does in fact profile. Coupled with the actual statistics we have behind bars currently, are whites the predominant race incarcerated?

    Tangentially. Really? :D
  8. CATO

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    I was just pointing out that the .gov is suing AZ for asking people they stop *for other crimes* if they are breaking the law by being in the country illegally. Basically, they're asking you a question no different than "do you have any drugs on you?"

    Being Hispanic, however, is not a crime...so, why collect the information? You're in a store making a legal gun purchase, and you MUST identify your race and ethnicity first--not illegal (identifying if you're in the country illegally is illegal). Every other .gov form, it is optional (unless you're a libtard trying to get into school--it's required then and you will pick Eskimo).

    It's a little spotty...but there's something hypocritical about the whole thing.
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